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Freedom Watch Video: "Ron Paul Has The Deepest Support I've Seen In Decades!"


Great insight to Ron Paul's deeply rooted support offered by Republican strategist Jack Burkman on Freedom Watch.

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I think this Burkman guys is fraud

He wants to ride the coattails of the liberty movement it seems to me. I don't see an ounce of sincerity.

I like what he says about Dr. Paul but I smell a typical politician.

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

My feelings exactly.

Don't get me wrong - I appreciate the kind publicity for Ron Paul, but I'm skeptical.

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." - George Washington

Great Video

Go Ron Paul!!

Presentation matters!

I'd vote for Ron Paul if he was bald barefooted and wearing a barrel but many voters don't think about issues and platforms any deeper than they think about things that really shouldn't matter (but do in a presentation) like hair, clothes and how "presidential" someone looks and acts.

Ron needs to work on his "cool" a little bit, stand up straighter, square his shoulders more, hold his head high, slow down just a little, look and sound powerful, self confident and in control (but not mean or angry) and he’s got to learn to give a little bit shorter debate answers, if the time bell rings and you're still talking it's like over staying your welcome… “always leave them wanting more”.

He needs to STOP saying "you know"... if we already knew… we wouldn't need you to tell us.

He's developed a bad habit lately of wiping his nose with his finger. I've seen that in several recent videos. Get a handkerchief, take some daytime (non-drowsy formula) decongestant or find some other solution but keep that finger away from your nose!

I hope someone close to RP sees this and POLITELY passes it on. I’ve wondered myself who in RP’s campaign is dropping the ball by not helping him make more professional presentations. Someone with STRONG presentation skills should be watching EVERY move he makes and reviewing every public appearance he makes with him, just like football players review game videos with their coach… Always look for ways to improve.

His platform can’t be beat! With just a little polish his presentation will improve and that will sway a lot of voters his way. These things really do matter! I’ve been in sales for over 27 years and I’ve seen first hand the amazing results that come from professional presentations.

This is constructive criticism, it’s ONLY meant to help!

Ron Paul in 2012!

The REAL Tea Party IS the Ron Paul R3volution!

Before fascism go to sleep, it looks under the bed for Ron Paul!

What we need for president is better suits and hair.

"they gotta put him in a good suit, they gotta fix his hair" I'm surprised he didn't say they gotta get him a telepromter so he can seem a little more Obama-like.

Sadly, that's your typical

Sadly, that's your typical American voter nowadays. We just pick the ones who look good enough. All style no substance. Just like Governor Goodhair and Plasticman Romney, both have to take an opinion poll before they know what they believe.

He said a great point.

"I'm sure if there is a campaign strategy". Ouch that hurts, but maybe they need to listen up. A real strategy would be ready to counter punch the media in all their deceptive reporting. A real strategy would turn this into a gold mind of opportunity. If people could be shown the hack reporting being fed to them, they would rally behind Dr. Paul like nobody's business! Even if you have to file lawsuits about decepting reporting, or even campaign tampering fraud. There are ways to fight back against hacks like Laura Ingram, who says things like, "Any reporter who gives Ron Paul any chance should be fired from their network". The campaign should take issue with this fast and furious! Yet, they do nothing. (is this the strategy?) If it is, expect more of it.

alan laney

The rest are all plastics

I think Ron looks great. He is the most real and humble person up there. The rest look too polished and plastic, which gives me the first impression of fake.

Keep on keepin' it real Ron Paul!

Ron Paul's suits are great.

I believe the fit issues are a result of his posture at times, which may be a natural effect of aging. I don't know that a tailor can alter to that variable. Regardless, I like RP the way he is. He is the most polished guy on the stage (no matter who else is on it.)

The best advice is not always easy to hear, still should listen

This is a political strategist. To take his advice as an insult is not intelligent.
Dr. Paul's suits are not well fit, they never have been. Frankly, I always assumed there was a jacket under them, but a good tailor can work miracles. I have seen Peter Schiff passionately defend Dr. Paul's investments... Cut loose an ounce or two, and get the "polished" look. The masses are hypnotized, at LEAST get past the "first impression" with a look they consider "Presidential."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Ron Paul IS the Narrative!

Ron Paul IS the Narrative!

Good Morning

Now that was a very nice way to start my day :-)

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Now isn't THAT a coincidence!!!

I don't know if you guys n gals can see it too, but Jack Burkman bears a strong facial resemblance to Rick Perry. I am not saying they look identical, but the physical similarities are (Imo) quite uncanny. Just sayin'.

Robby Lane

Ron Paul Rising

I disagree with the calls for change in wardrobe or debate style. He's solid gold. Don't change a thing.

Our stock rises as the dollar falls, not from polish or shine, or becoming more like 'them'.

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail. -Friedman

I tend to agree...

Dr. Paul's relatively unpolished and unrefined style is idiosyncratic to who he is, and is an obvious consequence of his authenticity. So, while on one hand, there are indeed many people who will... as they say... judge a book by its cover; there are also many people who will be genuinely captivated by this air of authenticity which resonates from Dr. Paul--and that can be quite powerful, hence the unwavering support he has gained throughout his campaigns which has only grown.

I think Americans are ultimately tired of the polished-suit-fake-smile-spray-tan candidates because they always end up lacking substance and breaking campaign promises which got them elected to begin with. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. It's quite possible that the vacuum sealed, premium packaging of the typical establishment candidate is not nearly as powerful as it once was not too long ago. In fact, it's very possible many Americans are looking for someone exactly like Dr. Paul.

In any case, taking the generic refined and polished approach is sure to hurt his sense of authenticity that so many of his supporters are drawn to. And to compromise in such a way is uncharacteristic of who Dr. Paul is, and why so many have become so loyal to him and his message.

By your logic, Paul has

By your logic, Paul has already thrown us all under the bus, by hiring "them" (former Bush consultants, Doug Wead and Bruce Stein) and using their methods (glossy ads, attacking their record).

Are you going to stop supporting him now? If you really idolized Ron Paul, and believed in the same "purist" principles he supports, then you would...

But wait... obviously this isn't as black-and-white as it seems. Obviously, Paul has decided he has much to learn about campaigning and has tried a variety of new techniques he never used in the last go-around. So if it's enough for him, why isn't it enough for you?

You are preaching to the already-converted choir. What you HAVE to do to reel in new voters is invest in the little things and sometimes not so little things. This campaign has already made great strides in more stable fundraising as well as a highly improved style of spreading awareness.

That doesn't mean there isn't more that can be done. To suggest that improving his debate style or image must come at the expense of his integrity.. that's quite absurd.

I'm truly sorry that all of you would rather gloat about your 100% purist principles and go down in flames rather than WIN and implement them.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater


by 'them' I was referring to the others on the stage, from whom Dr. Paul distinguishes himself very well without a new wardrobe and better soundbites.

The current strategy is working, hence the strong fundraising, improvements in name recognition and awareness of Dr. Paul's unique message.

I agree with you, that Dr. Paul is an exceptional campaigner, and open to new ways of communicating with his base and potential new supporters.

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail. -Friedman

He's right about the suit. And tightening up overall.

Sorry, but we (people that are sold) do not need to see a clean suit / together image, and solid / compelling 30 second soundbites that demolish the competition.

The rest of the American public does.

It is not realistic to say that image does not matter. It is not realistic to make excuses for it and say that his debate performance could not desperately use some polish and coaching.

Image and polish do matter in this country; with a population that has been conditioned from birth to judge on appearances and quick soundbites.

We didn't make it that way. But that's the way it is.

It needs to be addressed for the sake of this election. He needs to step it up in these areas.


I really must disagree with

I really must disagree with you. To suggest that Ron Paul's suits aren't clean really is over the top in your image campaign. Ron Paul has always looked presidential and appropriately dressed in debates and on all occasions. To have a handkerchief handy might be a good idea. His hair is always barbered and suitable for a silver haired president.I'm amazed he doesn't need glasses. At best Ron Paul might try a new tailor but only if he's comfortable with that. I hope he wears shoes that are comfortable for him with all the standing and tireless work he does. To stand on stage and be uncomfortable in your attire is more detracting than listening to pundits judging Ron Paul on his runway walk rather than hear his message.

Ron is Frugal

Ron is thrifty and it shows in his suits. Most Americans can't afford a $3,000 suit so Ron's attire really makes him more like one of us. However, it wouldn't hurt him to invest in 2-3 really nice suits and a good tailor. Americans are taught, courtesy of the dumbing down process brought to us by the boobtube, that image is everything, even at the expense of the soul(and I'm not happy about this fact).

"Men are ruled, at this minute, by the clock, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern."

-G.K. Chesterton

Sounds like someone is

Sounds like someone is looking for a job in this interview. Not bad for the interview part, what about his resume?

I am not sure if Ron Paul will pay him what he wants though. If one thing is true, it will be that Ron Paul's campaign will not run out of money.

YOU and I in the R3VOLution have VETO POWER !!!!

The rank n file republican doesn't know this, but you can bet the farm that the GOP elites do, including Rick Perry!

They fear we will go off and have another convention on our own like we did in 2008!

They NEED us to beat Obama!

WE now have POWER!

We have arrived. We are Deep in Numbers!

10% of the GOP vote is a lot of votes, and if those RP voters don't get Ron Paul, we don't vote and THEY get Obama.

Yea, they NEED us.

Now you little NeoCon biachies, say after me..." I want to bring the troops home. I want to end these wars. I want to close 900 military bases around the world. I want to repeal the Patriot Act. I want to Close Gitmo. I want GW Bush and Barack Husein Obama tried for War Crimes"

Ok that last one, we may not get. But once Ron Paul is in office and Judge Napolitano is the Attorney General of the United States, it is possible.

I want a war crimes trial that exposes so much sh*t that makes WATERGATE just look like a bird dropping.

We have the power in this R3VOLution.... keep demanding FREEDOM boys!

In peace and liberty,

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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What we must remember

The party divide is a scam. The Republican party leadership will be happy to destroy Ron Paul and help Obama win.

Our enemy is not only the Neocons but all establishment candidates including Obama. It is us against them and to them we are the enemy.

It is true that a lot of people who identify with Neocons and see Obama as the enemy will think like you describe and we can do a lot to argue your points to them because they don't know that their leadership is just the second arm of the same elite control.

But when it comes down to it the leadership of the Republican party and the media will get behind any candidate - including Obama - who is up against Ron Paul.

MY ADVICE---on tonight's debate


I'm very reluctant to donate

I'm very reluctant to donate further without the campaign getting its act together and doing what is suggested here: hiring a strategist.

Then again, I said that last time and I gave way too much money...

But really, sometimes Ron has moments that cause you to say - why wasn't he prepared for this?

Donate to..

grassroots efforts such as RevPAC, etc.. Or start your own. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

maybe the campaign should hire Jack Burkman as a strategist

I know it sounds lame- but those types of people can help... and as stupid as it is, the whole appearance suggestion as far as getting a new suit, etc. can, sadly, have a big effect. It's a simple, small, and easy change to make.

The Judge

Andrew is awesome, I like his show a lot (I don't get fox business, but I watch YouTube clips).

He is an unapolgetic Ron Paul supporter (as far as I know). He is very smart and articulate. Not to put the cart before the horse, but he might be a good VP choice. I like Gary Johnson too.

I found the ending to be

I found the ending to be quite disturbing....

After Burkman says Ron Paul is like Bobby Kennedy in terms of his support, Judge Napolitano says, "there not gonna go anywhere."


What in the HELL does that mean or imply?

Assassination? What else are they speaking of?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

wow- I don't know how you got

wow- I don't know how you got that the Judge wants Ron Paul assassinated out of that...

what they mean is that Bobby Kennedy's supporters were extremely loyal, and were not the kind that would even consider another candidate. In the same way, Ron Paul supporters are fiercely loyal and would never vote for a different candidate.