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Ron Paul supporters should never use the term liberal to defend our stances

All this does is create division and gives power to the game that is designed to defeat us. I see Ron Paul supporters in blogs constantly going on the offense by attacking the liberal position, it creates a division exactly the way they want us to create. If you support Ron Paul, please be cautious in using words that categorize people into another group. We aren't against liberals, we are against people that don't believe in the Constitution. When we push someone into a liberal category, we immediately put them on the defensive and the offensive at the same time. Let us take stances on issues, and not create barriers in reaching out to liberals by calling them so. Liberals don't believe in corporate corruption and greed, and when we call them so, we make it look like we believe in corporate corruption and greed. Can we refer to liberals as fellow Americans and educate them instead of sticking them into a category? I think this is very important to consider in our efforts, when I see some Ron Paul supporter call someone a liberal, they have just portrayed themself to be the enemy of the liberal.