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The seed is beginning to sprout.

Last election cycle, I was trying to make my case for Ron Paul to both a friend of mine and to my parents. My friend at the time was very neo-con and thought Ron Paul's ideals were out there, and believed that he had no chance to win. At the same time, my parents, who are very reasonable people, bought into the Obama hype and supported him very strongly. In early 2008, I let my parents listen to the debate where Fox questioned his electability, and I think that opened their eyes to how the republican establishment ridiculed him and tried to minimize him.

Flash forward to yesterday... I spoke with my friend who now lives far from me, and as I was wrapping up our conversation, I asked him what his political persuasion is lately. He said he didn't like Perry at all, didn't trust Romney, couldn't stand Bachmann, and then said, "I think I'm going to start looking at your boy Ron Paul a bit more closely. Send me some info." Music to my ears.

Then this evening, my parents asked me if I watched the debates, and after a quick, yet in-depth conversation about the issues (they didn't agree with some of Ron Paul's ideals) they ultimately believe that the war is a drag on the economy, and that it appeared that all of the other candidates were now sounding like Ron Paul. I then asked them - if they had to choose one candidate from the Republican field - who would they choose? Both QUICKLY said Ron Paul. And they also recognized that if he were elected, he might not be able to change the establishment, but he would do his best to make this country better.

Although neither my friend nor my parents have made a decision and aren't fully sold on Ron Paul, I pointed them to Aravoth's videos from 2008 and told them that RP's positions haven't changed, unlike the rest of the field. The seed was planted, now it's about to sprout. I just have to keep watering the tree, little by little.

I hope others can share their experience with this type of persuasion. Slow and steady wins the race, or so they say...