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How do you remove your political contribution info from the web?

I wanna remove this so people can't discriminate me when I'm applying for jobs. Anyone know if this is possible to do? Different sites on the web seem to obtain this information somehow..

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Use a prepaid credit card

Use a prepaid credit card from Walgreens and don't use your real info.

Change your name legally.

Then the name you give your prospective employer won't match the records of your past contributions. Or move to a different city than the one where you lived when you made the contribution. (And moving to a different state would be MUCH better.) That's about the ONLY way to do it to hide your past contributions.

Aggregate political contributions above $200 must be reported to the FEC, and they make it public, so sites like Huffington Post (fundrace) and City-data can get it easily. Contributions to PACs are also public records.

If you want to hide your current contributions, as others have pointed out, you can give the money to a friend or relative to contribute in their name. That won't erase past records, though.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Donate via your grandparents.

Donate via your grandparents. Ask them to donate and then give them the money. If you're grandparents aren't around anymore, ask your folks. If not ask your in-laws. If not ask any friend who's an elderly. If no elderly friends...it's never too late to make one.

Thank the fine folks at the FEC for that one.

You can't get rid of it. Just consider it a badge of honor. You probably wouldn't want to work for an employer who would use information like that to penalize you anyway. I'm not sure if donations to the Revolution PAC are recorded in the same way.

It's public record brother

There's no avoiding it. If you could delete yours, so could every crooked wretch out there.

Thats strange thinking

Why would an employer discriminate based on political contributions? Yes...they do background checks, but for that? idk...it sounds far fetched

Well, they can just google your name +city

and it will possibly show up right on the 1st page of Google results. No need even for some more elaborate background check..just a simple google search.

Avoid it altogether, have a

Avoid it altogether, have a good friend who is not afraid of any repercussions make your donations for you in their name.
The only other thing you can do is sue them if you can prove it cost you a job or damages.

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OK. Tho I think that the

Fascist Elections Cartel, the FEC, makes this public in some respect, and that's how these 3rd party sites get the information. Anybody know if that is correct?

I believe there is some kind

I believe there is some kind of cutoff, where anything above it is made public. It may be $200, but don't quote me on that.

Yes, anything above $200 is

Yes, anything above $200 is required by the campaign to be reported.

I simply ask my retired folks to make a donation on my behalf. They can suffer no repercussion as this point in their life.