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Need some Reassurance?

Hello fellow Daily Paulers.

Lately I've been feeling rather impatient with our progress. Overall, I think Ron Paul and the campaign are doing a good job- of course there are things that could be improved, but I also recognize a big part of it has to do with certain realities, such as: even with our money bombs if we had more money, we could probably fund more extensive efforts.... the media plays a big role in how they portray Dr. Paul, how much attention they give him in debates, what questions they ask, etc. And lastly, I guess there's just the overall bias- bias from the establishment, bias from the electorate who have largely been fed a negative opinion of Ron Paul and his ideas.

In the end though, I feel frustrated to see what little progress we achieve come so slowly. To see Dr. Paul's poll numbers continue to hover in the same range. It's hard being in the dark, not knowing the campaign's movements and strategies....

I think it's good to see more commitment to the campaign/a more serious campaign this election. I think it's good that they're drawing distinctions between Ron Paul and the other candidates. I think it's good that they're trying all sorts of methods for campaigning (house parties, business visits, rallies, town halls, etc.). But why isn't there more to show for all these efforts? Maybe I'm just impatient... it's just hard to have to watch Ron Paul who is correct on the issues, has the best record, and is simply the best candidate not leading the pack by leaps and bounds. Is this a race we just can't win? I can't stand the idea of another crappy Republican candidate, more of the same, and all of it moving us that much further to the weakening of our country.

What is going to be done to better present Ron Paul's platform on issues that aren't popular with the Republican primary- specifically on foreign policy. I don't like seeing Ron Paul get booed on live television. I'm not suggesting Ron Paul or the campaign should shy away from the issue, but maybe the presentation/delivery needs to change?

Any thoughts? Words of wisdom or inspiration?

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If you are basing things on

If you are basing things on polling, just remember that last go around, Guilani and some other guys were polling high in the MSM polls and those two ended dropping off of the race. Overall, Ron Paul is in a really good position despite not getting enough attention. It is very possible that Ron Paul is the dark horse candidate that people are prophesying about, and the signals are there - #2 finish in Ames, double digit national polling, 3rd placed rank (technically top tier), polling number increasing steadily.

I think you may be

just a little impatient. RP IS growing in peoples' minds daily. I'm a good example. I've only turned to Dr. Paul just a little over a month ago.

Just 6 short weeks ago, I was a war-mongering, believe the MSM, trust my government because they know more than I do & would NEVER pass a law against the Constitution, taxes & welfare are good things, Democrat. I bought the lies hook, line, and sinker. And never thought much about it beyond that.

Then I stumbled onto the Daily Paul from a link from another site. I'd never seen anything like it for a politician in my life. I lurked around, went to videos you all suggested, watched more on youtube, and hit some of the blogs. I looked up RP's record. Then I looked up the other candidates and their records. KABOOM! I cried off and on all day. (and still do sometimes.)

And those like me are coming to you awake ones in droves. If you can convert me - you can convince anyone. Never give up! YOU ARE WINNING!!!

I'll give as much respect to my elected officials as they give to the Constitution!

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What a beautiful description of that Ah-ha KABOOM moment!

Many thanks for writing, won'ttakeit!

It really is a tremendous energy-booster to hear a testimony like yours :-)

Welcome to the Revolution...


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