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Amazing Blue Republican Outreach Video: Ted Kennedy Agreed with Ron Paul

Ted Kennedy was well respected by many democrats, and a lot of people feel that his endorsement of Obama helped lead him to the White House. I believe that this video is worth spreading, and making viral as part of our Bluerepublican outreach.


If a mod could embed that video it would be greatly appreciated.



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Why is this

in 'Off Topic'?

this is a GREAT video

...if you want to utterly destroy Ron's chances of winning.

Guys: we are in the REPUBLICAN PARTY primary. Republicans + Ted Kennedy = EPIC FAIL. (Also, no, rigid socialist Kennedy would never endorse anti-socialist Paul. Give me a break.)

Videos like this and the recent one about "you voted for peace" need to be saved for the GENERAL ELECTION. They are political poison now.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

neocons will be neocons

those are the most stubborn group of talk-radio listeners. No one is going to convince them to support Paul if their Limbaugh or Hannity doesn't tell them too. As far they're concerned, they're "great Americans" and Paul is "kook" or "nut". The only way they'll realize the truth is if they decide to seek it.

But we most definitely can target liberal & Progressives disappointed with Obama would switch parties and vote Republican in the Primaries. The blue republicans can make the difference. I just have a strong feeling that this is key. Plus, I'm sure some of them would love to piss off the republican establishment too.

Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel RonPaulClassics is great source:

Definitely good for the Blue Republican movement.

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You're getting a lot of views on Y.T.

Congratulations, good research for your target audience.

Nice find

I agree, great material for Blue Republicans

Endorsment coming??

This is a great video, this should be seen by more peopel not usually do we get great comments like this from such well known people.

Its interesting how he knew this happened i wonder if he saw those comments being said or if he read them from a transcript.

So I looked further into it and found out

That Ted Kennedy isn't alive any longer. I'm sure he would endorse him were he still alive.

Great find too

Makes me proud to be a rp supporter

Posted on Reddit too.

Posted on Reddit too.

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