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NY election: Why weren't the Dems allowed to just appoint somebody to Weiner's seat?

Why did it need to go up for election?
..Trying to understand how this works.

I ask because it worked differently in this situation--there was another House seat up for election tonight in Nevada. It was vacant because the Republican who held it was appointed to a Senate seat in May that was vacant because the Republican Senator resigned because of a sex scandal.

So, in the latter, the seat was allowed to be kept via an appt by the same party, whereas in the former, in the same situation (ie. a resignation), it wasn't. What gives?

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The Constitution applies

Article 1, Section 2 ... members of the House of Representatives are chosen by the people of the states. When a vacancy occurs, the executive authority of the state issues "writs of election" to fill the vacancies. In other words, the governor has to call a special election. He cannot appoint a replacement.

In the case of the Senate, the Seventeenth Amendment allows that "the legislatue of any state may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments (to the Senate) until the people fill the vacancies by election ..."

Hope that helps!

Yup, okay,

that answers it!