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Campaign manager death, how we can prove the left wrong.

I don't want to write a lengthy post, but I think a money bomb to raise money to pay his medical bills would highlight the power of voluntarism and give Ron a chance to highlight how truly broken the Medical system is, and give him a chance to detail his solutions without getting loaded philosophical questions from establishment media operatives.

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Why are you guys talking to me in this thread like I'm the one that needs convincing about Ron's health agenda. I'm not. What I'm trying to do is bring to the attention of TPTB so that someone in the campaign realizes that they need to deal with this shit on a campaign level and put it to rest. Or they could ignore it and let it fester, the media seems content to use it as a primary weapon against the campaign now.

I would say:

So what are you suggesting? That my friend was left to die? He was not. That is not something I have suggested either. Are you trying to imply that he should have been coerced by the government to buy health insurance, as in Obamacare? Do you think that would have solved the problem of his bill? No - the government being involved in medicine right now is the REASON he died with an inflated medical bill. It is the REASON health insurance costs too much for so many people. I worked at a charity hospital - and the federal government is the REASON most of them have gone out of business.

Just my two cents. He's got to squeeze their education in there somewhere.

This is such a ridiculous situation

the question is who pays, not whether someone gets medical care. In the debate question as well as the Snyder case both recieved the needed medical care. The only question is "who pays". So the whole line about "let them die" is a red herring. Nobody dies due to lack of care.

Concerning who pays. Ron Paul followed his principles and raised a lot of money. Just not enough to cover all the costs. And the hospital has not pursued the remaining costs so I see that Ron Paul's views are correct once again.

Ad plays off 'let him die' incident at GOP debate


I'm telling you, this is already red level. We need a hard hitting response, giving the story of Synder and that details exactly what we plan to do with healthcare or they will try and torpedo the campaign with it.

Benton/woods/hunter needs to get to action on this ASAP

The response is simple

Part of Ron Paul's approach is not only a free market economy but where Govt. doesn't drive up costs and pays little or no income tax

That means more money to fuel the engine of the buying and therefore production market and more money to pay for medical bills.

Also govt. sponsored healthcare drives up the cost of healthcare

So it wouldn't be 400k to begin with under Ron Paul's approach

And that 400k is INFLATED!!!!
Inflation is also another issue

The answer is so simple

You don't seem to understand

Your little paragraph here on the DP is not even remotely adequate.

We need a full on top-down response to this, the media is going to go full bore with this subject I can sense it coming and already had it confirmed with the attack ad story.

This story is now dominating the #RonPaul twitter tagstream

We need an official response about Snyder and that enumerates Ron's plans for healthcare to fire back with.

This needs to be a huge push back against the media they are going to try and run with this and if properly explained our methods for healthcare will be appealing and disarm this.

This issue is all over progressive websites and RP is being

attacked for it due to his latest remarks that was taken out of context regarding allowing people to die. They don't understand the principles of personal responsibility. It's a foreign notion to them.
Here's the link from here when it was last discussed.


From what I understand. He wasn't an employee of RP. He had a terminal blood disease. 30k something was raised for medical bills/help for his mom after his estate was sold off.
I just had an debate with a progressive thinking person that thought RP should have redistributed campaign funds or pay for his medical bills personally???
A lot of people still don't understand the principles of Libertarianism and we should use this to educate them, IMO.

What in the world are you talking about?

Care to start at the beginning rather than jump right in at the middle?


I monitor the #RonPaul twitter tagstream

This issue has become a hot topic among progressive circles in the last 24 hours. I know this because they are tweeting and tagging #RonPaul in the tweets.

Good for you, that doesn't answer my question.

So there's this "topic" that apparently tons of people are talking about. Care to tell us what the TOPIC IS? (rather then just act as if everyone is already in on the loop and has been talking about it as well?)

So the progressives on twitter are digging up an old story

Someone should write a detailed follow up to this story and what is going on with the family, bills etc.

Someone who knows more about the story than me, I thought this had just happened, and I consider myself up on Ron.

We need to put the rumor mongers to sleep on this one.

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wait...what?! They're bring up Kent Snyder now?


It was dealt with, there was a moneybomb to help pay the bills off. I remember it.

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I don't immediately see how we

grassroots people can effectively deal with this. It seem to me only those insiders who knew the man and the specifics of his illness and economic situation and possible payments contributed can clear this up.

we don't even know if the bill was paid off already

this was 3 years ago but we don't know the status as of today so lets not jump to conclusions. Perhaps the campaign can say something or the family.

I think we already did this

I think we already did this and took care of it then. Man you had me going all over the internet thinking it happened again. Why bring this up? We raised a lot of money for his family then and all...

This issue looks like it may start trending on twitter

I suggest we deal with it now.