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Should the Liberty movement walk a different path from the Tea Party?

The original Tea Party has been corrupted. The spirit has not! How does the liberty movement move forward in a time of political marketing? How does Liberty protect it's idea's from usurpation?

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We already do..

walk a different path. Since 2008 at least. It's the Tea Partiers that boo'ed Dr. Paul the other night when he mentioned Palestine. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

- We need a mascot. - We need

- We need a mascot.

- We need to re-assert our principles.

- We need a way to make it known that we will always resist poor, unconstitutional, and bloated pieces of legislation that unfairly favor special interests and big business at the expense of everyone else.

- We need a way to relate to blue-collar workers and the internet/techno-savvy younger generation in a language they can understand.

- We need to draw a line in the sand between us and the mainstream GOPers who have latched on to us at the urging of neo-con talk radio and Faux News - but a line in the sand that encourages them to step over and join us for the right reasons and to understand where we're coming from.

Democrats have the donkey
Republicans have the elephant
Our mascot? The "teal deer".

The slogan? "TL;DR" (internet meme short for "too long; didn't read") which should be our response to shoddy pieces of legislation.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Anti-War Tea Party

Anti-War Tea Party

Tea is now the property of others

Let them have TEA- been there, done that
Its not a matter of dealing with them, its a matter of moving on without them. It should be easy considering they were the neo-cons of the last cycle that shunned us and our support.

Who needs who ?

Consider this, how much money does Rush Blowhard make when Paul supporters flood his email ?
Trust me on this one, the MSM counts our responses to them as "future consumers" to the Wall Streeters, and bills accordingly.

Who needs who ?
Who profits when we attack the hypocrites on their own sites and email ?

Tea is now property of Wall Street, move on