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TSA-Morning Express

Anyone with Facebook please help me in informing Ms.Meade and those who listen to her, why this is still wrong.
I have read some of the remarks..I can not believe some think its great..and others say they dont care if TSA checks their children.

Morning Express with Robin Meade
Moms, Dads and people behind Moms and Dads with Kids at the airport... Hey, it's Robin... The kids who are just learning to tie their shoes shouldn't be forced to take them off much longer at the airport security. And those videos that made us squirm, showing frightened children being patted down...should mostly become a thing of the past. What do you all think of this plan?

TSA rolling out new screening procedures for children
Responding to the uproar over physical searches of children, the Transportation Security Administration is rolling out new procedures that should reduce, although not eliminate, the number of times children are patted down at airport checkpoints

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