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Ron Paul CONTINUES to get under Perry's skin

[Houston Chronicle] When Mitt Romney attacks Rick Perry, the Texas governor usually has a bemused look on his face. When Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum critiques his record, he appears unconcerned.

But when Ron Paul needles his fellow Texan, Perry looks annoyed.

For the second consecutive debate, Paul seemed to get under the skin of the man who has run his home state for the past 11 years. The libertarian congressman from Lake Jackson got his governor must exercised at the CNN/Tea Party Express debate in Tampa last night when he stated that taxes in Texas had gone up under Perry.


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I can't stand that this author

Put Santorum's words on Ron Paul.

I don't think Dr. Paul supports forced vaccination on ANY LEVEL.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

3rd Time

This is the 3rd time I read (from different sources) Santorum's statement being attributed to Dr. Paul. First time I read it I was confused because I thought I remembered Santorum saying it.

property taxes

have gone up, along with many others.


more needles for ron to poke with...

im hearin that slick rick is being proven to be just another status quo politician, gettin hundreds of thousands of dollars from big pharma. shouldnt be too long till every rick perry supporter who is a true american that loves their country dumps him off their like list.

status quo has gotta go!!!

ron in 12!

I love that both RP's are from TX..... and that Paul knows

more about TX government history, than Perry. This is a huge advantage!

He's the Only Threat

Of the other candidates, only Ron Paul has the depth of knowledge about history and economics to ask those questions or make those objections that made Perry feel so inadequate in school classrooms.

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