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Ron Paul interview 9/14 Boston Talk 1200 AM - Listen

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marrymeronpaul - can you post the audio from my post below

in your post? thx

Link to audio


nothing came up for me when I clicked on the talk1200 site in the original post.

Even when they disagree

it was civil...the discussion was educated. why can't everyone conduct interviews this way?

The radio host tried to bait Ron Paul.

Congressman Paul didn't fall into the trap.

Take note

of the "supporter" Justin, that made a comment under the interview.
This is the kind of "support" that gives us a bad name, and sets back any diplomatic effort to campaign for Ron Paul.

"Justin Randolph · Sex expert at Self educated mutha fuckas
ron paul 2012!"

With friends like that, who needs enemies? Grow up Justin.

This was interesting because

This was interesting because the host agreed with Ron on some stuff but not all stuff. He was friendly, though and it was a pretty good interview. TY for posting.