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Feds Fining American Truckers to pay for Free Mexican Truck Upgrades

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I really feel for them. This has to be one of the most over-regulated areas of the economy and the policies implemented there are moving into other sectors.

Too add this insult to injury is outrageous. I really see little remedy for this problem because it seems to be getting worse and worse in the trucking industry.

Why in the world are Mexican trucks being subsidized? It would be interesting to note if any of those trucks belong to American owners.

With the fuel costs and repairs, I have no idea how these guys do it. Passing costs off to the customers can only go on for so long.


Ya..and if your business

Ya..and if your business takes credit cards there are so many regulations coming in that they are going to with hold payments to you if you do not comply with 1099 regulations. They also charge $30.00 per quarter just to maintain your PCI compliance (whatever that is) and it is getting terrible. I only get $35.00 per night for a room and add taxes at 12.625% to that, which I ALREADY have to pay over 2.5% on the tax when something is charged, and I never even GET tax money!! This is ALL part of Obamacare, which no one ever discusses. It is WAY more than just about health care.

Most folks are unaware of the

Most folks are unaware of the abuses being endured by the trucking industry. As a local trucker, I have to endure a gauntlet of city, county and state police checkpoints. All of them are after the same thing: money. They rarely perform safety checks because they are looking to issue overweight tickets. The fines are progressive and excessive. Between the economy and these schmucks, it is next to impossible for a trucker to make a living.


kick in the balls to the American worker. If they keep pulling stuff like this they are going to find out the hard way just how angry the American worker can become. They are pushing all the buttons to get Americans rioting on the lawn of DC.

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