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Is the United States a True Ally of Israel?

Question: How much money does the United States give to Israel on an anual basis?

Question: How much money does the United States give to all the Arab nations put together?

What is wrong with this picture?
Many things I know...but perhaps Dr. Paul needs to discuss this by painting a picture in the audiences mind.

Are we truly helping Israel by giving all the neighboring Arab countries millions of dollars?

A 30 minute infomercial (alaRossPerot) with son Rand would be a great way to inform the public. Do it in segments using chalk boards and/or computer illustrations.

Go Ron Go!

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How much of our money is

How much of our money is Israel giving to the Palestinian leaders so they can continue this so-called dispute over land?

I am guessing that Israel gives 1/3 of our Foreign Aid to Palestine just so that the gravy train doesn't stop.

Israel: "These stupid Americans. They think they are giving their money to us to build a path to peace. Peace?! HA! What would we do without their money?"

Palestine: "Ha Ha Ha! They think we want 'peace.' We want their Free money. Americans are so stupid. I laugh in their face!"

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