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Police and TSA agents assisted and took bribes in oxycodone drug smuggling ring!

STAMFORD -- Three Transportation Security Administration agents allowed a drug trafficker to smuggle tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prescription painkillers from Florida to Connecticut on domestic flights in exchange for hundreds of dollars in bribes, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut said Tuesday.

U.S. Attorney David B. Fein said 20 people were arrested in the investigation -- 16 on Monday and Tuesday -- of a drug ring involving a trafficker who made more than 65 trips via car or airplane from Florida to Connecticut in less than a year, carrying up to 8,000 pills of the powerful painkiller oxycodone each trip. The unidentified trafficker, who was arrested in April, sold the pills to dealers based in Waterbury.

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Ron Paul is right about the TSA.

Corruption, intimidation, and abuse.

Another link;

not surprising....

just another example of the greed and corruption in our government and/or burocricies. we have come to the point where the latest scandel doesnt even surprise us anymore. we have come to expect and accept it as just another example of how government works. if ron paul doesnt get elected as president, i dont have any hope or faith that we can ever turn our country around, restoring both honesty and sanity to our elected officials or their appointed cronies.
i think the good doctor needs to start spreading the word about all the corruption taking place in government now, cause it sure wont be tolerated after he is sworn in and takes his rightful place as the new resident of the white house.

ron in 12!


OK, so you are just copying and pasting from hermancainforums,
but does this sentence that you copied, pasted, and posted here make any sense to you?

"Police and TSA agents took assisted and bribes in oxycodone drug smuggling ring!"

I just cut and pasted wrong.

I just cut and pasted wrong.