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Glen Beck Says Ron Paul the Biggest Loser

Glen Beck just revealed his true stripes (again) and totally attacked Dr. Paul. This is another establishment attempt to marginalize Paul while stealing his ideas.

Here is the link:


This needs to be on the front page.

Tell Beck what you think about it.

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BTW, he was toast in the comments section.

I'm thinking of calling my local radio station as a conservative and ask them to pull his show off the air for Doyle.

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I did my part!

I just left a comment a Beck's site sharing some timely information for this issue. I spoke of blowback, and former head of the bin laden unit for the CIA, Michael Scheuer endorsing Dr. Paul's policies in regards to this issue. I also shared noam chomsky's Democracy Now video where he vindicates Dr. Paul.

Daniel Fortune

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What a drastic change in the forum, i read almost all the comments with glee earlier today. I went back on to read some of the new ones a few hours later and BAM! its been FLOODED with Pro-Beck, anti-Paul posts. I mean people REALLY stepping it up and writing like 10 paragraph posts complete with ad-hominems and expousing Beck talking points- makes one wonder if he has paid bloggers>?

It was 90/10 in favor of Paul, now its 50/50 or even 60/40 in favor of Beck, in such a short span- weird

I spend as much time on theblaze

as I do here. Once in a great while I play whack-an-ass over there. Actually. there are plenty of Paul supporters on the forums, and a few religious nutters who think they know it all. It's simply a case of intentional denial over the facts and truth. Beck's site has turned into a joke. Just look at the Hot Topics section ad it's all about Beck these days- "Israel | Restoring Courage". etc. You get the drift. Beck is desperate to bring more Christian zionists who watched his fox show into the fold, and his current backstabbing is just his last resort of desperation to throw Paul under the bus and recruit paying neocons to listen to his show. If 1/2 of us here went over to there 1/2 the time, you would be amazed at how much disinformation is there. Plus, much of the bloggers actually do spar and debate. Theblaze however has turned mainly into the site where every dufus has "Israel" in their username to show their support for the televangelist Beck. Beck is seriously the scariesy phony ever, I think Hannity has more integrity at this point. Hannity at least won't flip-flop most of the time and we know where he stands. Beck is all over the map, probably in-sync with his psych medication changes. Limbaugh is just a slightly different version of Bill-O from fox, and of course he is fine with the war on drugs as long as he gets away with his additions of pill-popping.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


What people fail to realize

these radio hacks must sell the Zionist agenda to receive their huge paychecks. They are all paid to be controlled opposition. The Fed and Zionism go hand in hand in the NWO agenda, one controls the money, the other controls the foreign policy agenda. They are allowed to take shots at the Fed, to keep the Tea Party anti Fed people tuned in. But, they will NEVER say anything negative about Israel and how it effects our foreign policy. It's 'bait and switch'! The Fed is a House of Rothschild creation, and so is Zionism. Both, are needed to destroy the economic sovereignty and the Christian moral fabric of our country. Most know the HOR is behind the Fed, but most don't know the are behind the whole Zionism fraud, too. Just research Rothchild and Theodore Herzl, the Balfour Declaration, and Rothschild and Cyrus Scofield. Scofield created (sic) the Scofield Reference Bible hoax, the has been used by Judas sellout minister's, to brainwash their parishioners into believing, what is really an anti Christian belief. Just read Revelation 2:9 & 3:9, which could have never transpired without the creation of modern Israel by Ashkenazi converts. An Ashkenazi Jew is a classification of those mainly of Khazar decent or Prussian, who converted to Judaism, which doesn't make the descendants of the Israelites. If they don't follow Judaism, then they really can't be considered as Jewish. It the same as being a Christian or not. A Christian doesn't mean you are a descendant of Christ, does it? Until, the Zionism hoax is exposed, the 'thought controllers' on the radio are going to push an interventionist foreign policy.

Beck is just following the trends...

I've been listening to Beck for many years, and it's freakin obvious what this guy is doing.

I remember back when he was a Bush-lovin war-supporting guy. Then, he started to shift away from his love for big government, so that he did not seem like a hypocrite when he began bashing Obama's big government. Now, he's just meandering and pandering once again, this time between the Rick Perry-esque neocon and the eventual Libertarian movement that is rising (aka, Ron Paul supporters).

Beck is just playing his cards right for profit reasons, OR, he is just too afraid to step into the true boldness of Ron Paul-esque libertarianism, and is waiting for it all to become more mainstream.

Whatever the motive is, it is clear that Beck does not stand for much other than what is currently cool.

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No need to tell him he's a

No need to tell him he's a dirtbag and AIPAC sellout. Just click on his advertisements every time they appear on this and other Ron Paul related sites. (I must have clicked on 10 of them in the last hour.)

Beck blew it a loooong time ago!!!

During the BP oil crisis, Obama made a public comment about his daughter asking Obama when he was going to "plub the hole" meaning, the major oil leak. Beck took that story and turned it into a totally offensive sexual innuendo....involving an innocent CHILD!! At that point, Beck had reached the lowest of lows!!! He reduced himself to being the core of utter disgust and puke. How Beck still has a job on TV....or has any fans/followers, is a mystery to me. Bottom line, Beck doesn't matter. End of story.

Robby Lane

Wow. He talks sh*t about Ron

Wow. He talks sh*t about Ron Paul quoting Bin Laden, and then quotes Bin Laden himself towards the end of this clip. What a tard. I'm glad he career is going down the tubes. Good riddance.

Who the F*ck even listens to

Who the F*ck even listens to this moron anyways? I thought he fell of the planet already.

beck doesn't really matter anymore

his biggest days are behind him. it's all down hill from here.

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here's what I posted over there:

This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Beck says bring the troops home, Paul says bring the troops home. Beck says let other countries fight their own wars, Paul says let other countries fight their own wars. In terms of policy there seems to be agreement, but suddenly when Paul brings up the motive for 9/11 attacks, Paul becomes someone Beck would "NEVER" vote for? Beck argued the same as Paul when he appeared on O'Reilly's show: they don't hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for our foreign policies:
But Al Qaeda wants global jihad you say? Well what in the hell is Beck proposing be done about that? Keep the troops over there? No, he already said bring them back. And sorry Beck, but Paul is not a "complete isolationist" - he supported the authorization to use military force in Afghanistan from the beginning. Additionally, In 2001, Paul introduced H.R. 3076, the September 11 Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001. The bill
and requests the President to issue letters of marque and reprisal to
commission privately armed and equipped persons and entities to seize
outside of the United States the person and property of Osama bin Laden,
of any al Qaeda co-conspirator and any conspirator with Osama bin Laden
and al Qaeda who are responsible for the terrorist attacks against the
United States on September 11, 2001... [It authorizes] the capture, dead
or alive, of Osama bin Laden or any other al Qaeda conspirator
responsible for the act of air piracy upon the United States on
September 11, 2001."

So if anyone attempts "global jihad" by taking on the one nation that could stop it, do you really think Paul would roll over and die or would he retaliate? If you think a President Paul would give in to the terrorists, you're either kidding yourself or you're a damn fool.So tell me Beck: what are the ACTIONS you think the other candidates would take that you think Ron Paul wouldn't take?

SteveMT's picture

For the record also, I posted this.

A selective Constitutionalist is Beck. He likes some parts of the Constitution, but disregards other parts that he does not care for. According to Beck, Ron Paul is right about somethings, but dead wrong about other things. Why not use the Constitution as the way of determining who is correct? Is Ron Paul wrong? Why did America nuke Japan? Wasn't one of the reasons because of Pearl Harbor? If we've been bombing a country for ten years, do you think those people think kindly of us? Don't they want revenge the same way we wanted revenge? If you believe in preemptive war, then let us start some more wars. Hitler believed in preemptive war. Is that who we are emulating? How many wars are there now?: Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, & Libya. If Iran is a threat, why not attack them, too? If you believe all of the fear-mongering, then we better and soon.

every time I read this sort of thing about Beck . . .

I think of C.S. Lewis' books about Narnia and the time when Prince Caspian (I think) said about Reepicheep, "Will someone silence that mouse?!"--

not to cast aspersions on Reepicheep, but I always think of Beck as a 'small' person and wonder why someone doesn't just clap a hand over his mouth--

it helps to find humor; Glen Beck is small.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Knock knock...

whose there?

no one...

No one who?...

No one gives a flying fock about Glenn Beck's opinion

Very Confusing

Does anyone else think this whole segment is completely confusing and contradictory? First, he says that Ron Paul is way off. Okay, he can have that opinion. But then as he continues to talk, he says a lot of what Ron Paul believes. He mentions how our foreign policy is responsible for the terrorists to hate us. He talks about getting out of the middle east and that the wars we are in now are "mistakes". Also, is little assistant there was talking about how Osama bin Laden said himself that all he wants is America out of the middle east, but he doesn't take Osama's word. Fair enough. But then Glenn talks about bin Laden saying he will end the US like he ended the Soviet Union and how we can suddenly take him on his word now. It's so contradictory and so misleading it honestly makes me sick. I feel bad for Glenn, he's so uninformed. I just want to sit down with him and educate him. Poor guy.

thats the point. he is trying to confuse people

by telling them he may be doing well, but he's not. lol

Stewart pointed out how perry did that in the last debate saying, "we need to get our men out of there (afghanistan) alive and well , but we need to keep our presence in the region" lol

non sensical BS is to be expected from people who dont know the difference between a muslim and a mexican

SteveMT's picture

The years he was an alcoholic have affected his thinking, IMO.

His illogic is just the reason why the sheeple seem to like him so much.

I almost posted on his page.

Then I realized neither he nor his insolent neocon followers are worth bothering to sign up for another bloody screenname.

If I'm going to play Whack-A-Mole with zombies, I'd rather do it somewhere like Huffington Post, where the culprit is often poor education instead of gross stupidity.

Support the Constitution of the United States

SteveMT's picture

I posted something above, but I'm not holding my breath.

Agree, it was probably a foolish thing to do.

"Glenn Beck is starting to wake up!"

The embarrassed to admit they were played like harps used to say. Kudos to the vast majority of the DP community who have seen through this character from day one!

For the Record

For the Record, here's what I posted on Beck's site:


I like you on some issues, but you are hopelessly a tool of the political establishment. In the same spirit as Buckley and Limbaugh, you spend 95% of your time trying to stick your finger in the wind and get in front of the parade, repeating over and over again what your statisticians tell you what your audience wants to hear. Of course, all that talk is merely to establish your credibility so that, at those critical moments (as in the Medina campaign) you can drop an establishment t_rd in the punch bowl.

Your recent screed about Ron Paul is a case in point. You completely attacked Ron Paul. Then you spent the next 10 minutes basically agreeing with him. How stupid do you think we are? Obviously, this is just another attempt to marginalize Ron Paul and steal his positions so that you and your preferred establishment shill can claim them as his own.

Who's it going to be? Perry? Maybe you guys can coach him up enough to sound "authentic" on this issue in a 30 second sound bite. After all, somebody already managed to teach him the words "Fed" "Bernanke" and even "Keynesian." I'm impressed.

The fact is, Ron Paul has already won the war of ideas. He has the whole establishment shill republican field (and all of the talking head pundits like yourself) trying to sound like him. But there are enough of us to remember who OWNS these issues to make sure you guys don't get away with your usual plastic man substitution this time around.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that has decades of credibility on these issues. He stands head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of his integrity and his commitment to the idea of free markets, sound money, individual liberty, and Constitutional government. If you were anything more than an establishment tool, you would be doing everything in your power to elect the one candidate who really intends to change things. The fact that you aren't tells us everything we need to know about you.

I was thinking the same thing as well

He basically agrees in large part with Paul and then says he'll never vote for him? Good grief /facepalm

I was thinking the same thing

"Your recent screed about Ron Paul is a case in point. You completely attacked Ron Paul. Then you spent the next 10 minutes basically agreeing with him."

Love it

Beck is a turd, Has always been a turd, and always will be.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

I dunno; Ron Paul is not a Zionist fanatic who...

still managed to get himself thrown off of two networks.


Everytime You open Your mouth the truth gets more coverage.
You denigrate Dr. Paul, and then Your site gets lit up with truth from real patriots. The supporters of Dr. Paul tell Your sheeple the real truth. All they have do do is read the comments on Your own site. So Thanks and keep up the good work jackleg.

Glen Beck

I remember now isn't he that kid on you Tube that was Lighting his own farts, Or is he that guy that stuck a toy fire truck up his ARRRRS. Had to have surgery, then faked a Near Death Experience for sympathy! My memory ,,,,

its a shame...

its a shame me and glenn dont get along better. after all, years ago, i had a chance to be his daddy, but a rabid, retarded monkey beat me over the fence.....

nuff said....

ron in 12!

Dear Glenn,

Glenn, you actually agree with dr Paul 100%! you are being dishonest if you say your position is different than Ron paul's! Why? Because that's what Ron believes. Ron says that if you kill our people we have a right to fight back (thus he voted for the initial invasion of afghanistan), however he says we leave after job is done and we have no right to attack countries and occupy them when they didnt attack us first (ie Iraq and the current Afghanistan occupation 10 years and trillions later). How is what you believe different than dr. Paul's? Ron Paul believes in a strong national defense, not an empire or national offense. Generals have witnessed that members of the last administration has states clearly they intend to militarily remap the entire middle east and over throw governments they don't like. You don't think the middle east knows this? You think they would just welcome this plan with open arms? Did the founders envision our men and women giving their lives over this "experiment" while bankrupting us? Real classy, Glenn, real classy to misstate dr. Paul like that

Ps I know Glenn is not reading this but if I were to write to him this is what I'd say

Ron Paul 2012