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The Rick Perry Gardasil Scandal - We've Only Seen the Tip of the Iceberg

At the recent GOP Tea Party debate, Rick Perry came under fire for his attempt to make Gardasil vaccinations mandatory for young Texas schoolgirls. At one point, Perry responded to Michele Bachman voicing concern about his connections to Gardasil maker Merck and donations from Merck to Perry. His response was to blatantly lie and say that he received $5000 - and that may be only the tip of a much bigger iceberg.

Records show that Perry received far more than $5000 from Merck. But it gets much worse than just the Merck contributions. Perry, who is noted for funneling state money to his big contributors, steered a $1.75 million grant to Gradalis, a biotechnology firm in Carrollton, Tex., whose backers include James Leininger, who has given more than $264,000 to Perry’s campaigns. Another Gradalis investor, John McHale, had traditionally supported Democratic candidates, but gave $50,000 to Perry’s re-election campaign four days after the state grant to Gradalis was announced. As a recent press release by the vaccine safety organization SANEVAX noted: change the letters around and Gradalis becomes Gardasil.

The SANEVAX press release, titled "Black Monday for Gardasil" also noted that it was rumored in 2007 that Perry made a lot of people wealthy, including his family, by mandating the Gardasil vaccine in the State of Texas.

Thus the question that might be posed to Perry is similar to the old line about a prostitute: "We have already established the fact that you are a whore. Now it is just a matter of establishing what your price is."

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Perry Gardasil article in today's news at the Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle has this article in today's news on the Perry-Gardasil fiasco:


And this blog appeared in yesterday's edition:

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Rick's a high dollar whore...

one I'm sure not even Elliot Spitzer could afford.

Big money politics is alive and well in Texas. I'm glad Ron Paul doesn't play that game. Lobbyists don't even approach Ron Paul anymore because they know there is nothing they can do to change his vote.

This should sink Perry's campaign

Corporate cronyism and the Gardasil scandal should sink Perry's campaign. Gradalis my arse! And ONE THIRD of his big contributors getting grants, favors and corporate handouts from the state? If that doesn't sink Perry then we will know just how controlled we are by the corporate elite and powers that be.

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