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Ron Paul Clip on Democracy Now! 9/14

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Let's talk

We are from the same flock. Let's talk and check out my blog if you haven't already.

thank you for posting

just listened to it now

I liked that...he said Ron

I liked that...he said Ron Paul sounds like a professor educating his audience. He didn't even know who Ron Paul was....

yep, very cool

yep, very cool

I bet he looks into RP a

I bet he looks into RP a little bit more from now on.

I asked Amy Goodman why she

I asked Amy Goodman why she doesn't interview Ron Paul more often. She told me that the campaign wouldn't go on her show during the 08 cycle. I was a little shocked by her answer and asked for a few more details and she said that her staff tried several times to get an interview. Something doesn't seem right about her answer. Why would the 08 campaign do a Bruno interview but not a War and Peace interview?


I'm not sure of the exact timing of the interviews but i'm pretty sure democracy now did have him on in the 08 cycle, and has also had him on about the libya war and on another episode debating civil liberties and foreign policy. I'm not 100% on this but I think we owe DN a thank you for their fair coverage of the good doc (rare though it may be) I personally believe DN is a force of good in general, though you may not advocate their bias for what most here would call socialism, or welfarism (whichever you prefer) they cover foreign policy in a way that is fair and makes sense. I hope DP members watch more frequently because DN is a great source of information.

DN didn't mention Ron Paul's

DN didn't mention Ron Paul's name during the primary cycle in the 08 race. She only mentioned him after the nomination was wrapped up. She interviewed him around the Iraq war build up to war.


right, my fault. it was after the '08 cycle.

I agree with you that Amy

I agree with you that Amy Goodman has done a lot to keep the issues of non defensive wars in the limelight. However, she does have other agendas. There was someone who posted a thread on DP in the past that showed her funding sources and stated that she was corrupted to play within the system.

It's like that Young Turks guy that recently lost his MSNBC show because he wouldn't play ball the MSNBC way. He stated that to get big in the media you have to play the game to grow and then maybe you can do something entirely honest later on in your career. He quit so that he could keep doing his thing with out all of the corporate strings. Ron Paul is a true exception to the rule of staying power in the system. There are only a hand full of humans able to stay afloat in the sewer of DC.

Ron Paul has never been on

Ron Paul has never been on Democracy Now where they ask him questions directly. I hope this changes




regardless if the left's endorsment doesn't sit well with all of you as it "may not get him votes" I respectfully disagree this is the best thing we could ask for - independents, the blue democrat movement?! think about it

Its funny when Amy Goodman

Its funny when Amy Goodman asks Mahmood Mamdani if Obama could sound like that, Mahmood replys "no no no":)