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Ron Paul does not need Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O'Reilly


On his Tuesday radio show, conservative icon and radio evangelist Glenn Beck went into a tirade about Congressman Ron Paul. Beck opposes Paul’s foreign policy non-intervention stance. At one point Glenn Beck and Ron Paul seemed to have core philosophies in common. However, as his comments in the above clip indicate, Paul believes the United States is creating more problems for itself by consistently intervening in foreign countries. That position, which used to be the prevailing wisdom within conservative circles, is a position that apparently makes Glenn Beck angry.

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul has been called the Godfather of the Tea Party Movement, having inspired his supporters to enact modern day Tea Party protests as far back as 2007. Glenn Beck was instrumental in the establishment of the second wave of the Tea Party Movement in 2008. Beck inspired his 912 Project, which Beck hoped

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