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The Field of Blackbirds and the Smoking Pillars

“The Field of Blackbirds and the Smoking Pillars”: A Requiem for our Generation

The god of death has a name,
He is called ‘Vengeance’
And with innocent blood is he drenched.
Because we worship at his altar,
His thirst shall never be quenched

Have you never heard of the Field of Blackbirds? It is a holy place. And it has a holy day. Upon the altar of this death cult is spilled the blood of men, women, children, and elders. One hundred million of them -- or maybe two hundred million. Who can say?

Are you sure you have never heard of Kosovo Polje?

On the 28th of June 1389, the Serbian army clashed with the Turks. In a ferocious battle, King Lazar fell on the Field of Blackbirds, and with him, the entire nation. Serbia died on that day.

So, too, the Sultan Murad, struck down by young Milosh, who bowed to his conqueror only to commit vengeance. But this could not raise Serbia from the grave.

And so, a shroud was flung over the Serbian people for more than five centuries. Straining under the yoke of their oppressor, the people sang of the Field of Blackbirds, and the day their nation died.

Unique in their devotion to tragedy and suffering, these hardy folk yielded to a cult of death. It became their self-image -- in song, poetry, history, and myth. Their holiest, most hallowed day would come to be June 28th.

But this would mean suffering for the whole world.

For, it was on the 28th of June, 1914, that a young Serbian lad imitated Milosh, and struck down the Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo. For, the archduke had defiled the holiest day of the sacred death cult.

What followed was the immolation of ten millions in the trenches of World War One. But this sacrifice of blood to the memory of King Lazar and Milosh was not enough. The thirst of a god such as this, invoked through centuries of celebration and worship, could not be slaked by so mean a tribute!

World War Two heaped on the altar of Kosovo Polje another fifty millions, including two million sons of Lazar. The civil wars and oppressions, Cold War proxies and global police actions, turned the press all the tighter, crushing from the grapes of wrath a sanguinary wine.

And the century, that savage Twentieth, drew to an end with a final spilling of blood on the Field of Blackbirds itself. Serbia was driven from its holiest site in 1999, and all of the wars and intrigues tied to Kosovo Polje were interred.

We opened the Twenty-First Century anew, fresh with the hope of a new generation, one that had never known the ravages of war or heard the wail of mourning widows and orphans.

...and then 9/11 happened.

And it began again. A new Field of Blackbirds. For a new people of a new generation.

Two pillars of smoke and fire burning by day led the mightiest nation the world had ever seen to the altar of that death god, whose name is Vengeance.

And they worshiped his image with a sacrifice of blood. And treasure. And honor.

...and history!

For, if the fall of Lazar weathered six centuries to engulf the world in a sacrifice of one hundred millions or more, how much longer shall the mystical death cult known as 9/11 enrapture a people whose hearts and souls are sold to worshiping its funeral pyres -- the smoking pillars?

And what of the generation that has only just begun to bear the awesome expenses of this lavish cult of death? What of Generation X, and those younger? For, it is they who shall pay the wages of this idolatry.

As payment for three thousand innocents struck down because of America’s failed foreign policy, seven thousand soldiers from Gen-X have perished.

Five million Gen-X’ers have served in the wars, and have spilled the blood of one millions on the far side of the world. And these numbers must surely grow.

Tens of thousands have been wounded. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, suffer mental or emotional distress. And these millions must be given care and treatment for decades to come.

Proselytizing this death cult has cost four trillion dollars in expenses, both direct army costs and indirect consequences. And none of it has been paid yet. The amount, all four trillion dollars and counting, has been billed to Gen-X.

They will pay for it. One way or another.

Gen-X faces a future wracked with uncertainty and fear. They must go to war, to shed the blood of others and risk death or injury, just so they can afford college. Even then, they leave burdened with great debt, a yoke of oppression that lasts for decades.

Gen-X faces a grim prospect of failed industries, poor-paying jobs, and unemployment. Their expectations are dimmed by a nimbus of bankruptcy and corruption. And for every 1.75 of this nation who toil, one dependent draws pension benefits.

Gen-X’ers face a world filled to the brim with vengeance-minded peoples and nations. Hope is slim, and to dream a golden dream is anathema to a regime owned by war profiteers, financial gamblers, political lobbies, welfare land subsidy leeches, and the high clergy of the death cult.

Generation X and their younger siblings have borne the brunt of 9/11 and they shall be expected to bear whatever follows, without complaint or demur...

To do otherwise is sacrilege!

They may not question the myth! They may not dispute the sacrifice! They may not stand up to the cult and urge an end to the flow of blood! No! They must worship the two smoking pillars, and celebrate their fall, all while invoking God’s name.

But which god? ...The Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world?

Or something other, sprung from an insatiable vengeance?

Be certain! Generation X shall pay for it all: every drop from their veins, every dime from their hearths, and every portion of their souls! For this is the way of the cult of death.

A new Field of Blackbirds.

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Oh what

terrible wrath is blowback, what terrible things to come from vengeance.

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