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Palin "Snorted Coke" & "Banged NBA Star"! WOW!

ya gotta love gossip!


guess being a hussy didn't fall far from the tree huh?

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who is bumping this gossip?

and who really cares what she does in her personal life anyhow?

I really don't think she will

I really don't think she will enter the race. I believe she has too much dirty laundry that she doesn't want made public.

As much as I want this to be

As much as I want this to be true so that she's totally rejected by the teacons and out of the race, the scandalous book does make some other claim like the Trig controversy.

If you support RP, You'd support Palin Getting In

Palin would split the Perry/Romney/Bachman vote further. We want her to join. No body is going to leave the Ron Paul camp for her or Chris Christie for that matter.

This probably means she isn't getting into the race..

which is really good for us. A lot of the Tea Party types are enamored with Palin.

If the field stays as is, and Dr. Paul keeps running aggressively like he has been, I think we have a really good chance this time around.

"NBA Star" is a code word for

what? We all know what it means...

This will be used as an issue to discredit the freedom movement among the Republican base.

These guys ARE desparate- they're eating their own. I wonder why? (NOT)


You've made some valid points and I for one agree.

I've done plenty of things in the past I'm not proud of either.

Let's stick to nailing people on their political philosophies. That's all that's really relevant here, isn't it?

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin

Forget the gossip, pass on her "Crony Capitalism" remark!


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Alright folks, let's take the high road on this one....

It's none of our business who Palin mighta slept with prior to her marriage, she's an American and has the right to sexual freedom. And as far as the cocaine use goes... let's remember that we ARE fighting to END the war on drugs, so let's not be too quick to bash Palin for something she SHOULD have the right to do. Now, do these issues mean that Palin should maybe change her point of view in order to not seem like a hypocrite? perhaps, but let's let her make that call. Anyway, let's follow Dr. Paul's example and take the high road. Remember, Palin didn't go around attacking Rand over "Aqua Buddah", let's show her the same respect. Go after her political beliefs, trust me there's enough ammo there to last a lifetime. Peace~

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

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Bump for the

High Road

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

‘She Could’ve Been A Contender …’

Your reminder that we not be petty is very Ron Paul apt.

Thank you.

These links also, I think, are very apt and deserve a reprise on this occasion:


That is... unless we're

That is... unless we're fraudulently lead to believe that she is a "good christian" woman who shouldn't be having premarital sex and using the 'devils' drugs right.

I'm not religious, I just like holding Christians to their book.


While I couldn't care less about what Palin does or did in her personal life, I do however take issue with her hypocrisy. I don't see anything wrong with pointing out her flaws (assuming this latest tale is true, time will tell).

I've heard a LOT of nasty things about Palin, and while I'm sure they're not ALL true, she's already shot herself in the foot many times with bad interviews, poor responses to questions, etc.

I don't believe the OP should be attacked for posting this "crap", as some have referred to the thread as. IMO, there's nothing more annoying than someone who's 100% serious about everything and gets upset when others want to have a laugh now and again. That applies to Mrs. Palin as well. If she does in fact do this or that in her personal life, then so be it-- but she shouldn't pretend otherwise.

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Palin sex tape found.....



I'm all for free speech, but this is just distasteful....

I almost found it funny for a moment until the joke about her child came up. Children are off limits. Attack the candidates all ya want, but leave their kids out of it, they're innocent victims caught in the middle. They can't help what their parents do or believe. Anyway, I just thought the video was in poor taste.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

Civility & Publicity in Politics.

we appreciate the civility expressed in the posts below, please also recognize that politics is a tough field. S-Palin was /is hungry for publicity, and now she is getting it. We can comment on/in DP about what is true, false or inappropriate, but the world outside is running with the story. The book is getting reviews, in being mentioned on main-line media. This is what happens when you enter politics, you lend yourself to scrutiny and comments. Even Nixon & Clinton had to face it while being in office.

It was foolish of the Rep-Party to have promoted her as a vice-P candidate in the last election. Tea-P are doing the same. S-Palin herself should have known her handicap, the past catches up,& that the opponents are very un-forgiving. If and when a person matures and gives-up the follies of youth, then wishes to serve in a positive manner - will find many avenues. Service to the nation can be done in many other ways, it is not necessary to be in elected office.

Ron Paul is a rare gem, has a clean record, has gained peoples trust, there is no hanky-panky, no monkey business, - not a fake, and a really virtuous family man, loyal and faithful. All respect that, and he himself is confident.

I don't really see anything

I don't really see anything wrong with her actions even if they are true. Maybe she likes sex, drugs and rock and roll... big deal. Who doesn't?!

And as far as suing for slander, what damage has the fellow done? Those who believe will still believe and those who don't will laugh at her just like they did before...

For the most part, this is the standard for a politician these days... they have to have a great deal of skeletons in their closet, if they didn't, they wouldn't be controllable. And they never would have gotten the financial backing and favorable media.

Honestly, I'd have a great deal more respect for her if she just said... "Yep, that's me... so what!"

Same here....

As long as She doesn't say she didn't


I agree 100percent people expect these thieves to be moral decent people? jokes on them, Ive partied a lot in my life, AND? not that im defending palin but people do things similar to that all the time, and then rebuke politicians for not being good "role models" when the don't have the brain to realize that THEY are the chldrens role model, your kid doesnt look up to palin or clinton or weirner, or tiger woods, they look up 2 U!


at least the one nighter wasn't with Yao Ming.
If this is true I have a lot more respect for the Gal.

If she don't sue

you'll know it's true.

Gee, and I was afraid I was going to lose respect for her.

Looks as if she did some other interesting things in her life besides speak nicely of Ron and Rand Paul.

Why are you wasting time posting this..

isn't Jersey Shore or some Housewives show on? Perhaps some Jerry Springer? People here are concerned with real life, that pertains to us and those around us..not gossip and B.S. like this. Or maybe I'm wrong..but I doubt it on this one. Surely you have more important things to worry about in life than this crapola.

was just posting it cuz it's

was just posting it cuz it's funny.


ya'll need to chill!

Don't shoot the messenger!

Ok, so it's not a new book on Austrian Economics or an attack of Tom Woods' viewpoint of the Civil War, but it is a book being released about a central character of Republican politics. Should it make any difference to the Ron Paul campaign? Only if she decides to endorse Ron Paul.

But let's not attack gizzy for posting about the upcoming release of the book. A little diversion every now and then from the deep political-philosophical discussions we immerse ourselves in never hurt anyone.

Seriously?? Is this what you concern yourself with?


Your lips to God's ear.

Sad isn't it?
All's I can say is go girl and good job Rice. I'd let her eat crackers in my bed any time.

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yeah so!

is this worthy enough to stoop for?
and not everyone loves or lives for gossip

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


They better have those facts straight because Palin should sue them big-time if they are not imo.

These are pretty serious accusations.