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Military personnel allocations across the world

Informative document showing US troop allocations across the world :


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I posted this for a neocon

who is supposedly all about cutting spending reduced govt bringing the troops home and all the other coopted themes of Dr. Paul, but this neocon believes all of these bases/forces are 100% necessary because they are strategic and keep america safe blah blah blah and are necessary to keep us as the world's super power

They are not counting the

They are not counting the MIAs in Vietnam. But then, they probably aren't in Vietnam. Those who are sill alive may be in Russia or China.

Out of curiosity..

in countries where it lists less than 10 or 20 military personnel, 2 or 3 marines for example, would that be the security detail for an embassy?

Yes, exactly ...

What you are seeing in many cases are the Marine embassy details. Remember that in some countries we maintain more than one consulate too. The U.S. also almost always stations a military attache with the embassy. The attache is a fairly senior ranking officer who is the liaison to the military of that country. This is more than a ceremonial position of shaking hands with all the host country's generals at cocktail parties. The attache advises our ambassador of the military capabilities of the host country. The attache may have a small staff and there are also some friendly countries where we have a small number of military advisors. When Ron Paul talks about bringing the troops home, I don't think he intends to eliminate these types of postings but that's just my guess.


You are correct. Marines work the gate at embassies.

What about US hired guns like

What about US hired guns like Xe Services formally known as Blackwater?

How much are they costing America? How many has the US hired and where are they deployed?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Good question

That's a good question, but couldn't find that - that info is probably not public data (since it's not "officially government" , so they don't have to disclose it)

thank you for posting


That sure was interesting.

That sure was interesting. Had been certain there were countries I had never heard of that we had troops in, and, sure enough...