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VIDEO: CNN Talks about Ron pauls healthcare issue and lost Friend and gets his thoughts!

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It seems all of the controversy stirred over that question at the debates, and probably due in large part to the rallying of Dr. Paul's supporters, CNN has actually taken the time to go out of their way to provide both context and further commentary from Dr. Paul on that issue. I wasn't expecting this, but I'm pleasantly surprised--they're actually treating him fairly.

I think this will help Dr. Paul a great deal. It clearly shows that he is a man of his convictions, a man of compassion and devotion, that he is the genuine article, and authentic--certainly a refreshing breath of fresh air for many voters who have become disenchanted by the average politician. This report will be a positive for his character, which is already miles above the rest; and as an added bonus, the Left seems to be using this against Dr. Paul Republican opponents in this race.

I also appreciate how Wolf reiterated that it was only a very small vocal minority who shouted "yes" to the question, and that the reporter made a point of reminding viewers Dr. Paul answered "no". As well, the reporter brought to light the cost of healthcare being a major problem; though Wolf did try to throw in a bump for Obamacare at the end... but it matters not. I think this piece was all around good for Dr. Paul.


All inherent and expected digs aside, treated fairly...