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Ron Paul Takes Command of Debate Crowds

Ron Paul can further set himself apart from the pack by responding to the debate crowd shout outs.

1. "Yes, let him die".
* Response: That's not what my presidency is about. If you were that 30 year old you would be able to afford your health care because it would be far less expensive and you would be far wealthier without the burden of personal income taxes. That's what the Ron Paul presidency would look like.

2. "Death penalty cheers"
* You are entitled to your opinion regarding the death penalty but true conservatives respect ALL life. How can you be pro-life for the unborn and be pro-death regarding undeclared wars and the death penalty?

3. "Islamic Blow Back"
* We didn't go after the perps. We punished entire countries and became occupiers. We've lost thousands of our military and trillions of our dollars. And we've multiplied the terrorists. American aggression is Al-Qaeda's #1 recruiting tool!

I'm not saying Ron Paul should blunt free speech. Nor am I saying he isn't great on the stage. But these opportunities are golden. They should be exploited to the max to offset the MSM manipulation of debate time.
I think he should use controversial crowd sentiment to connect and build relationship.
The bonus is that the MSM replays those incidents over and over. It would be an opportunity for RP to express his genius.

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