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FBI Teaches Agents: ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are ‘Violent, Radical’

Wired article on current thinking in law enforcement regarding Islam. Has the 'war on terror' become institutionalized and dumbed down, removing the distinction 'radical' from 'radical Islam'?


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The smart Agents will figure

The smart Agents will figure it out. Just like the crap they get from the Southern Poverty Law Center demonizing anyone who promotes Constitutional government, the Second Amendment, ending the Federal Reserve and Ron Paul. The more blatant the propaganda, the easier it is to see through.

The corruption is always at the top. This is how we found out about Operation Gunrunner. Patriotic Agents in the field blew the whistle on the corrupt, sycophants at the top. And it's always going to be this way. They can conspire, but there are enough good Americans in these organizations that the truth will ultimately come out.

Right now, the criminals in high positions in the DOJ, BATF and other organizations are trying to find some fool to take the heat with a demotion or even being fired. And we are talking about the killing of two American law enforcement officers. These bastards need to go to jail, not find some mid-level bureaucrat to take the fall!



this is true

a neighbors friend was deported after the fbi picked him up he was illegal true but.............they told him they are watching all the mosque but the 2 mosques he attends they have no insider they wanted him to get info....from where the guy is not a radical he told them theres nothing going on and he knows of nobody..they told him all you had to do was agree...they couldnt understand why he wouldnt roll over and take the deal. they deported him last saturday while he was scheduled to have a court hearing on tuesday he had a lawyer it never even got his day in court no due process. what a country we have become its really disgusting.