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2012: The Crossroads of Human History?

Is it just me, or does the epic battle between good and evil seem to be coming to a head?

America is still lucky enough to have a choice in 2012.

Our country - and the world is at a cosmic crossroads in time and space.

As above, so below as the witches say....

We can choose freedom and liberty, or we can go back to the good old days of the horse and plow.

I am worried about 2012 because it feels as if this is our last chance. 2016? Too late to the date, Sweet 16.

Will God click on the Universal "Refresh," button if Ron Paul does not win and humanity continues to morph into a cancerous ONE cell government?

Will God proclaim humanity as an, EPIC FAIL - and reshuffle the deck of Life's cards to scatter us about once again? Will we be so fortunate to have another shot?

I saw a funny, and very interesting bumper sticker a few months ago....

"Is It 2012 Yet?"

I laughed...sick sense of humor I guess.

But deep down I know it's not funny.

This is seriously do or die time.

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