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Voters extremely unhappy with Republicans too - BIG opportunity!

I keep seeing segments on the news that, not only are voters fed up with Obama and the Democrats, but with congressional Republicans too!

I see this as a great big opportunity for the Tea Party movement in the primaries next year!

People are fed up with big government politics as usual, while the nation is threatened by collapse because of their borrowing, spending, wasting, big government games, antics and political theater drama.

One example is that I heard that there are these new "Blue Republicans", which are Democrats that are registering as Republicans now, JUST so they can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries next year, because they're FED UP with Obama and they want freedom, peace and prosperity back!



This is really exciting! A candidate that both sides can support, who's pro-liberty!

Please think about this!

"His support is deeper than any candidate I've seen or heard of in decades. Decades!" - Jack Burkman, political consultant and GOP strategist.

What other candidate do you know of, who would balance the budget if given a Congress to match, cut spending ( cutting out entire useless and wasteful departments! ), stop defending nations that we've been wasting money defending for many decades, and who are perfectly capable of defending themselves, massively cut wasteful foreign aid, bring our troops home from something like 900 bases around the world where they simply don't belong, not raise taxes, actually support and defend the Constitution ( not just give lip service to doing so! ), end the unconstitutional illegal wars, support RKBA - ( the universal individual inalienable human Right to Keep And Bear Arms ) 100%, and that Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians can all see voting for?

Name one other than Ron Paul. You can't!

In fact, we've been registered as libertarians for many years and just changed our registration to Republican, just so we can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.

I see this as a powerful opportunity for the Tea Party movement to gather support for someone who can actually achieve 95% of the goals that most of us want, but you have to drop the social issues dictatorship demands and do this. The insistence that you just have to tell other people how to live. If you don't like guns, don't own one! If you don't like gays or their marriages, don't invite them for dinner! That's freedom!

You have to be willing to allow the kind of freedoms that Ron Paul and a matching Congress would allow in this country, while you gain liberty, prosperity and peace in the bargain, and may actually stand a chance of saving this nation from collapse!

Freedom is a strange and wonderful gift, in that you can only have it if you're willing to give it to others!

Freedom. Finally, Change I Can Believe In!

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Ron Paul does not "belong" to

Ron Paul does not "belong" to the Tea Party, and holds only some of their ideals. Ron holds some libertarian and traditional Republican beliefs. He also holds a few traditional Democrat beliefs. He does not agree with ANY platform of anyone completely.