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Eight Amish Guys Jailed For Refusing To Attach Orange Safety Triangles To Their Buggies

Government jails them for not having orange triangles on their buggies, but makes sure to provide special jail jumpsuits that aren't orange.


Here are the booking photos of the eight members of an Amish sect who were ordered jailed by a Kentucky judge after they refused to pay fines for failing to affix orange safety triangles to their horse-drawn buggies.

The men, who were booked Monday night into the Graves County jail, refused to pay the fines on grounds that their religion bars them from wearing or displaying bright colors. Jailed for misdemeanor contempt of court, the inmates were provided dark-colored jumpsuits in place of the standard issue orange coveralls.

The defendants were hit with a range of time in the county lockup (between three and 10 days) by District Court Judge Deborah Hawkins Crook.


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Members volunteer as adults. It is their chosen life.

The community regulates itself, those who wish the rigors of body that liberate the soul, accept the challenge as a way of life.

I worked with a man who was sent out as a young adult and decided that way way not for him.

In his case, I think it was a mere formality. He had a different occupation (We were technical headhunters) and he had a much larger toolset than much of his family, just like you and I.

Free includes debt-free!

Yes you are correct they volunteer to the life.

They know how to throw a party for the young teenagers. I call it summer, fest but they have their own name.
Nite travel is pretty limited except in summer. I never see any without lites around here anymore, and I am in Amish Country. If they get hit someone goofed. There are also different "Orders" of Amish. Some drive in cars, others groups stick to buggies.

Mennonites are a whole different sect of religion. There are many many diverse groups of Mennnonites. From buggy travelers to cars with black bumpers. There is even a group made from 35 origanals called 35ers. They kill game like it's their life sustinanace and they all pretty much stick to their own and have their own economies, insuranse, and take care of members. YOU, as an outsider are not considered.
They like your money though.

Which state, if I may ask.

I was in Elkhart in northern Indiana (77-82). Goshen College has recently been a topic over at LRC. They allowed then again disallowed national songs at the private College's events. The latter was applauded, the former questioned by LRC.

In my area they had a reputation of helping during disasters.

They stick to themselves and don;t consider others targets like to many do-gooders.

Free includes debt-free!

I bet you if they were

I bet you if they were muslims the cops and judge would have been fired.

Murrieta, Ca

To be honest

being Muslim doesn't ALWAYS get your premium treatment by US law enforcement.

This is true..

but only after the jail installed special stalls so that they could wash their feet.

There are reasons for traffic safety rules

I live in Amish country. From time to time a car or truck will slam into the back of an Amish buggy on a highway. The buggies lose. This month, a driver was driving into the sun and simply didn't see an almost motionless black buggy ahead. The horse had to be shot because it had a broken spine. One of the buggy occupants was flown away in a medical helicopter.
photos of what this buggy looked like after being rear ended: http://www.news8000.com/news/-/326/451142/-/asnerpz/-/index....

Reflectors and light probably wouldn't have helped prevent that accident. More frequently, drivers don't see black buggies in the dark because the buggy lights are often dim compared with oncoming headlights. Maybe cars and bicycles should be free to operate without lights and reflective tail lights too if this is just a liberty issue. My preference is for Amish buggies to use a lot of reflective tape because I don't want to kill any Amish people I couldn't otherwise see. The Amish around here are, in fact, voluntarily putting on more such tape but they don't all do so.

So they do drive the buggies in the dark?

Otherwise I don't see a triangle helping. And if they already have lights on them, then maybe it's an issue of having better lights, rather than triangles?

Actually, in my mind it seems like the main problem would be slow moving vehicles integrated with fast moving ones. Not orange triangles.

Yes, they drive their buggies in the dark

Some Amish use battery powered tail lights which tend to be dim. Other local Amish groups don't permit batteries. I wish they would use blinking bicycle lights which are much brighter. Also, I've noticed that they are using grey reflective tape which is not contrasty against their black buggies but show up equally well as orange reflective tape at night and isn't as objectionable as being a bright color to the Amish

Like you say, some of these accidents have to do with the relative speed of buggies vs. autos. However, it is especially difficult to see buggies in the rain or at night. They are made of stretched black oilcloth. The road pictured has a good wide shoulder but was under repair as shown. Smaller county and township roads don't have shoulders and have more cures and hills. There is no money to build shoulders on all such roads.

We have a large Amish community here too..

but all of them have reflector's on the back. It might have stopped a few of them from getting run over, but it certainly hasn't put a stop to it. And each time that I can remember, it has been the fault of the person, normally a truck driver, who is driving the motorized vehicle.


The Amish are going to make it through these hard times so much easier than the rest of the population because they are already self sufficient.


the Amish are climate dependent, there is a strong chance they will not survive even with their methods of self sufficiency. To survive the next 110 years humans will require swift technological evolution and widespread cooperation in implementation.


do you come to this conclusion?

simple allthingsareconnected

Every 80 or so years the sun goes into an active solar cycle changing the climate slightly. Normally this has a minimal effect aside from some sizemic activity and moderate oceanic temperature changes. However, when it is taken into consideration that the ocean is in essence a giant nutrient mixing bowl one must take into account any changers in chemical composition and PH at these times and watch for cumulative effects. During the current cycle there are substantial effect accumulating that will make the next one far more devastating for instance, the ocean is getting saturated with CO2 locking up a lot of nutrients as the CO2 is taken up as Carbon. This can dramatically increase ocean temperature and is already decreasing oceanic PH, a low PH ocean will start to result in locking out more acid sensitive species such as fish and shell fish as well as lowering overall oceanic O2. Of course there is a global safety system kind of built in, jelly fish! Under normal circumstances the Jellyfish would accumulate the carbon into their bodies and then move upwards and downwards in the water column helping oxygenated water at the bottom of the ocean become oxygenated. This carbon then has to be consumed by other species such as Loggerback Sea Turtles, Tuna and Sharks. The issue is that the jellyfish if not consumed will overproduce a carbon rich waste which most microbes cannot consume which releases a large amount of CO2 back into the atmosphere. Here's where trees usually come in, some of that CO2 stays in the water and most is released into the air. If there is adequate forest covering the earth then the trees will use the CO2 and return O2 balancing the cycle. However, usually during an active solar season, insects which use these trees as food will be thriving so additional competition will reduce the number of trees and the diversity of the trees that survive. If the trees cannot scrub out the CO2 and the other sea creatures cannot keep their populations in check they will eventually crowd out most other species and dramatically swing the oceanic PH to the point where only the jelly fish and a few other sea creatures can survive, this would also consequently result in the nightmarish possibility that the oceans stop turning. Of course the CO2 in the water could be locked out by coral but all of the coral reefs are dying off, which will more rapidly acidify the ocean.

Bear in mind that many of these events could be changed by human actions. For instance if my recent prototype works and is implemented globally it should eliminate the need for mined fertilizer and ocean fish farming and subsequently eliminate the entire issue of fertilizer run off and help ease over fishing, humanity abandons fossil fuels, Ron Paul wins the presidential election in 2012, the oceans are cleaned of plastic trash islands and forests are replanted all over the planet where forests have been decimated. Should all these events happen it should create an environment where humanity is no longer contributing to the problem.

What all this translates to for humans and the Amish is 1) the quality of nutrients available to oceanic dwelling animals will diminish and as a result the quality of all organic waste on land will decrease and the quality of the plants that waste produces will be minimal 2) the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere will decrease 3) climates will become far more pronounced 4) eventually temperature changes could make very large areas of the earth uninhabitable as plants just wont grow there.

and your invention (I'm guessing)

is Aquaculture

Modified Aquaponic Pit

Nope. The invention is a rethought conceptualization of the pit greenhouse for aquaponic purposes. It produces 3+ kinds of meat and any plants in almost any environment. It consumes 2% of the water that traditional soil agriculture takes. Grows food faster than in soil and allows for both fish and plants to be stocked in high densities. Creates no pollution and requires no chemical fertilizers (except a small amount of chelated iron, trying to do research to figure out how to replace it, low success). Potentially can grow food in all 12 seasons (This is an untested claim but in theory as long as there are enough sunny days on the coldest month it should work). It consumes about 3-5% of the electricity of a traditional greenhouse. Ironically, it's actually pretty cheap to build. All of this and it's even self sustaining. The largest risk though is that the FDA will block it to prevent market competition (Monsanto seeds can't be used in this system), should this happen I'm going to just drop the blueprints and instructions along with the operating guide on the internet and mirror it so many times it'll make Wikileaks looks like a vain girl's bedroom compared to a hall of mirrors. Then I'll just go set it up in a different country.

edit: on second thought, I'll add in the designs too so that people can take it straight to their building approval boards and HOAs too.

I'd like to see the blueprints

for this.

Fish (or any animal) kept or bred in a high density envirmonment is different from anything I've been taught. First, filtration would have to be maxed out in order to keep nitrate/nitrite/ammonia levels down. Even then, spikes will occur causing the loss of slime coat and disease setting in...not to mention the stress produced from overcrowding causing the same problems.

In a closed system this will use more electricity for pumps and aeration.Blowers and filters have to run 24/7.Thats a lot of power. Likewise, in an open system (using a valved reservior)will still have energy issues. This is why I've always felt where aquaponics, as a food source, required more energy and cost than its worth.

Digging and stocking a pond with hardy species seems more realistic and cost effective.

lol ok

I was going to drop the prints on the internet for the model A when I was done with it, they won't make much sense without operating instructions though. As far as pumps go, there is 1 big pump and a few dozen airstones plants handle the filtration. My experimental model at my house has 2' koi growing in under 1' of water @ 100 gallons. Most of the requirements for electricity I'll cover through solar panels. Plants are the filter, which is why ammonia levels and slime coats don't really matter because of the presence of beneficial bacteria.

Cost effectiveness is kind of a misnomer. Here's my experience with cost effectiveness. I used to have a MMJ dispensary in my state. I started it because I believe that genuinely sick people did not deserve to pay $10 over market price for their medicine. After 3 mos of operation I had cause the price of MMJ to slide almost 30% over the entire state. This caused me about the malfunction of controlled supply demand curves and the art of controlled active market price reversal. Granted I was robbed by people who had both military and mafia connections resulting in the eventual failure of my business, the objective was completed at a minimal cost. My actions caused actual price competition all over my state, and both dispensary operators and customers are happy about this. Prices have continued to slide since I left the industry and have dropped a total of 69% since I started my campaign. Foreigners can no longer make money bringing pot into the state and violent crime rates also shot down relating to marijuana in general. So while it would be cost effective to ship it into the state now it is only cost effective to grow it in the state. Prices will drop further if the law requiring the pot to be grown in the same county as the dispensary is reversed. At this point it is largely ignorant republicon law that stops the industry from being more cost effective now.

That being said, I took the same basic concepts and applied them to food. After research on how to collapse food costs I came up with this.

UVI aquaponics is not profitable Dr. Rackocy is a joke and doesn't know his ass from a fish's. He's a govt shill and has been holding up the industry in America with bad information. If you can read Hebrew you can find a document on animal-ponics which makes things work way better. If not the entire Scandinavian region is way ahead of the US on aquaponics and you can find good research in English from there. US aquaponics is a joke, as by law it cannot be done properly as you are not legally allowed to do in the US, by law you have to buy feed for your animals.

Did you know that Amish people are not allowed to read

the Bible? It's true. They aren't strict Christians, they are a cult of anti-modernism. Not that I disagree with that part, but saying their religion prevents them from putting the orange triangles on their buggies is simply not true. They CHOOSE to utilize modern roads and block modern traffic, but refuse to be safe about it? I don't think jail was a good plan, but they are not being honest in their protest. If you live near an Amish community you know what it's like waiting in traffic while a horse stops for a poo and how easy it would be to miss one if you didn't see the cone. They should either put the stupid triangles on the buggies or walk.

How much research did you put into "not being allowed to read

the bible"?

Now, I have seen a youtube video of a group of "holy rollers", as their known, surely they have their own brand of bible-ism. Facts of which I am unaware.. but, the small group of holy rollers may give a clue of which I presume you know nothing about.


not the holy-rolly vid, but vids of them have a certain fun to 'em.


This may be a case of: "give an inch, they'll take a mile" and they are unwilling to give that inch.


Amish read Bibles although Amish Bibles are written in some dialect of German. The Amish are bi-lingual. If the Amish aren't Christian, I would hate to have to guess who is. Getting off topic but although something like 40% of the children in my county are Amish, they average 7.3 kids here, all the stores and government agencies regard Spanish as the area's second language. The Amish do learn English along the way though so nothing needs to be translated into archaic Swiss-German.

With their low crime rate, work ethic, and aversion to government help, I can't think of a better minority group to have in one's community although they can be pig-headed about something for their own good. I was at an Amish guy's house last night at 8:30 to talk about a fencing job. His crew has months of such fencing, roofing, and carpentry jobs lined up at $14/hour.

Actually, I've done quite a bit of research on the matter

And it is true. They are not permitted to read the bible, at least in english. And the antiquated Germanic versions can't even be read by the elders. I'm just telling the truth. People despise truth.

Had to wait for the puch line.

They are not permitted to read the bible, at least in english.

Free includes debt-free!

But they don't know how to read the ones they have

The language is antiquated and they haven't understood it for many years. Do a little research before shooting from the hip. Remember, people despise truth.

Being literate is a modern thing.

What did Christians for over a thousand years when only scholars could read the Greek and Latin texts.

By their fruits you shall know them.

Free includes debt-free!

Actually, being illiterate is a modern thing.

Learn history and reality before shooting off. It's unbecoming.
John Chrysostom (347-407) wrote insightful scriptural commentaries, theological, moral and ascetical treatises, and many letters. But his real talent shines through in his homilies, as this excerpt from this Sermon on Lazarus attests.

I am always encouraging you, and I am not going to stop encouraging you, to pay attention to what is said here in church, but also, when you are at home, to continue constantly in the practice of reading the divine Scriptures.

No Excuses

And don’t let anyone make excuses like, “I’m too busy with politics.” “I’m a businessman.” “I’m a skilled worker. I must get on with my job.” “I’ve got a wife.” “I’m raising kids.” “I’m responsible for a household.” In other words, “I’m a lay person; it’s not my business to read the Bible. I’ll leave that to professional Christians like monks, nuns, priests and theology students.” (Note: "I can't read" is not on the list.)

What are you saying? It’s not your business to pay attention to the Bible because you are distracted by thousands of concerns? But that’s the very reason why you need to read the Bible! The more worries you have, the more you need the Bible to keep you going!

We All Need More Scripture

People like monks and nuns who have left the world behind are quite safe. But you are always standing in the line of battle and are constantly being hit, so you need more medicine. For not only does your wife irritate you, but your son annoys you, and a servant makes you lose your temper. An enemy schemes against you, a friend envies you, a neighbor insults you, a colleague trips you up. Often a lawsuit impends, poverty distresses, loss of possessions brings sorrow. At one moment success puffs you up; at another, failure deflates you. Numerous powerful temptations to anger and anxiety, to discouragement and grief, to vanity and loss of sense surround us on every side. Where can you find a suit of armor, or a castle from which to defend yourself? Where can you find ointment for your wounds, but in the Bible?

Since many things like this besiege our soul, we need the divine medicines so that through the constant reading of the Scriptures we might treat the wounds we already have and check beforehand the wounds that are to come. For it is not possible, not possible for anyone to be saved who does not constantly have the benefit of spiritual reading.

John Chrysostom’s Prayer before Reading Scripture

Jesus, open the eyes of my heart, that I may
hear your word and understand and do your will.
Open the eyes of my mind to the understanding
of your Gospel teachings.
Speak to me the hidden and secret things of your wisdom.
Enlighten my mind and understanding
with the light of your knowledge,
not only to cherish those things that are written,
but to do them. Amen.

How much tyranny are we willing to tolerate?

They can pick us off one by one as individuals but, if most of us wake up before its too late we can fight back and win.

How much tyranny are we going to be able to tolerate?

"If you don't stand up and fight while you can win, you'll have to fight, give your blood when there's no hope of winning." ~ Sir Winston Churchill

Or just stick to the back roads..

which is what they do around here. The only problem is that their grocery store is on one side of the highway and their community on the other and down the road a little.

And they are right..it is against their "religion". I believe they are wonderful people, and I love the way they live and in fact I would join in a heartbeat if it wasn't for their "religion"...which has no thing to do with being "Christ like".

Are you serious?

Who are you to decide who is a real Christian? The Amish are a cult? And they don't CHOOSE to use modern roads, they HAVE to use modern roads because the government paved them all. And by the way, horses don't stop "to poo." They go when the urge strikes, whether walking or not, so you never waited for a horse that stopped "to poo." As far as the orange triangles go, their use is a good idea, but just because the government mandates their use doesn't turn their use into some sort of foolproof solution. If government mandates were so foolproof we wouldn't have any problems at all. Ever hear of the regulatory state? We have local, state and federal governments totally out of control. They are fining kids for running lemonade stands without a permit. They want to outlaw church and school bake sales because the baked goods were not prepared in a commercial inspected kitchen. And you're whining about state-mandated orange triangles? I have an idea. Let the Amish take their chances, and let drivers pay attention. This is called life.

How does a triangle help?

Do they drive the buggies in the middle of the night?