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Woman Strip-Searched AFTER Plane Lands Safely


So the FBI and TSA are now strip searching innocent passengers after the plane lands safely. It doesn't matter if it was the 9/11 anniversary, as every day of the year is the anniversary of some evil that happened somewhere.

I think I have a solution to all of this...

The most corrupt, dangerous people in America are the politicians. They as a group have destroyed America worse than any traditional "terrorist" group could have ever dreamed. Every time they meet it seems to be one giant plot against the American people. The media they associate with are just as guilty. Therefore, every single member of Congress and every reporter should be strip searched every time they enter the Capital.**

I would bet money that within minutes of this strip searching, Congress would repeal (or at least amend) the Patriot Act.

**I'm kidding of course, because Congress would only write a law that says they can't be strip searched but everyone else still can. But you get my point.