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Ron Paul: Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect 9/15/11

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Booyaka, son.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass


This softly spoken man seems to make more sense then anyone has in my lifetime. What a great speech. Thank you Ron Paul.

Why isn't this video on Ron Paul's official website?

Why hasn't this video been put on Ron Paul's official website?


Hey Marilyn How Are Ya Gal?

I heard you were under the weather..

Doing good.

Doing good. I've been having a hard time staying logged in. Who is this? I don't recognize the name!


It's on his official website at .gov

If you mean the campaign, I agree it should be there.


It seems so unfair that a dignified man like Ron Paul has to stand with nincompoops and answer questions framed by dimwits. The agenda is fixed, based on some assumptions. At one debate some neo-zion puppets leaked some booos. Ron Paul is a courageous man, he is putting up with this nonsense for a greater and noble cause.

I think Ron Paul gave this talk for "Mutually Assured Respect" after much contemplation and prayer. It is somewhat similar to - but many times better than - the lengthy speech Obama gave at Cairo University, in the first few months of his presidency. Obama sounded fake and it was proven so by his later actions, = the surge in troops and killer drones.

We are living in tough times, a lot of mischief is spouted /projected by MSM. Responsible folks are concerned, many nations are scared, urban property is losing value, prices of essentials (food & fuel) are rising, the economy is in recession, opportunities for gainful employment are lacking, - so many are jobless.
Human hearts & minds are agitated, there are protests /riots in many cities.
Even Earth, water and wind seem displeased, we often hear news of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, wild-fires, hurricanes, tsunami, etc.
It seems the managers of the system are aware of all these happenings, and the movie "2012" depicts all of these things occurring, and bigger disasters are expected.
I did not have to type all the above, most on DP are aware folks, observing - and exchanging notes.

Surely, Ron Paul's radar is very much "on", he had sensed the looming threats years ago, when most people were not paying attention. He had been ringing the alarm bells. These days the most obvious and urgent threats are mainly from the war-mongers. He realized the elections are a bit far-off, something had to be done sooner, therefore he had to advance the items on his agenda. Hence he launched this message for Peace & Goodwill, which he has aptly named as "Mutually Assured Respect". Removes distrust. Prevents war.

This Call to the world is like a Preventive Attack for Peace, he is Not waiting for the inaugural speech of President Ron Paul. He visualized, and now recognizes that he is on the world stage (let corp media ignore reality), he has launched it thru the video & internet. Someday his words will have to appear /or will be repeated on the MSM.
Hopefully, his words will prevent further wars.

When I first saw the video today it had 300 views, now its 12,700 +. That is great, circulate it more. Deprive the war-mongers their excuses. Let the demons huff & puff.

I would like to see Ron Paul perform like this in the debates.

I know it's far more difficult than it seems, but he would do really well to try to take the serious calm tone he has in the video onto the stage.

It's very presidential.

She's going to GREECE

Indeed, you won't believe it, but I just word my cousin in the Army is going to Greece. Can you believe it? What the heck are we donig in Greece? I wonder if they will be used for local riots that they expect will come.

This whole thing is totally inconceivable and what a waste.

Yes, Ron Paul can say ONE THING:

The troops donate MORE MONEY to him, BECAUSE they want to come home, and it's the only way they can voice it. They are tired of all the 4-5 tours of duty!

They should talk more about

They should talk more about how Dr.Paul gets the most donations from the people who have have to go on multiple tours, who are wounded, maimed or suffering from PTSD, fighting these wars, while the war hawks just play armchair general.

The troops understand the situation more than the American public do because of the media filters and blackouts.


Just showed this to someone and the comments are hilarious.

There's some idiot who's trying the whole "white supremacist" crap, lol. Apparently, anyone, ANYONE who dares say that the CRA is unconstitutional is racist!

Oh, and apparently RP is a right-wing extremist for wanting to end the wars! It's so trucking irritating knowing that such idiots remain the dominant voice in America...for now.

A signature used to be here!

Where/when was this video done?

I sent the link out to about a dozen people on my mail list, and one of them - a Harvard professor, no less! (I met him in an electronics discussion group). At last blush, he was a typical college professor liberal, but I got this response to MAD/MAR:

"Thanks, Rich, I absolutely agree 110%.
When and where did he make this speech?"

Ergo, I'm exceedingly exhilarated - we might have converted a Harvard professor!

But I need to know where/when it was done. (It looks like it was probably done in his office, but I'd rather get it from the horse's mouth)

It's kind of urgent (I've got a Harvard professor waiting for an answer), so email is OK: richgrise@yahoo.com


Freedom is my Worship Word!

Post the term 'Mutually

Post the term 'Mutually Assured Respect' everywhere. And link to the video when possible, but just posting the term will help.

Getting peoples interest in an idea will allow that idea to spread. With enough attention even the media may start to refer to the term.

I hope in the next debate if people ask Dr Paul about his foreign policy he says "I believe in Mutually Assured Respect".



Mutually Assured Respect - a new foreign policy for America!

I love this concept. I just registered this domain and set it temporarily to forward to the video speech on Ron's website:


Any ideas of what to do with it?

Might be better to forward to

Might be better to forward to the actual youtube video to help the view count. (for now anyway)

Now THAT is the message I want from my president.

How could a policy like this fail?

The golden rule is truly a universal one. It transcends every language, border, culture, gender, age or any other differences between people.

Anyone who hears this and disagrees would be no friend of mine.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Ron Paul looked and sounded very presidential in video too.

It's as if he was already in the White House.

Debbie's picture

Wow I love this speech!! This is the complete rebuttal to Rick

Sanctimonium - if not for moral reasons, then out of economic necessity, stop the wars and adopt Ron Paul's sane foreign policy!! Thank you Mr. President!!


We need to spread this video

It needs to get beyond the Ron Paul circles. This video needs to be seen by those who disagree or may be on the fence about there support for him. We all have an obligation to send this to at least one person we know who does not support Ron.


Sent it to two.

forward this video

ok I'm old. How do you make a link? I want to send this to everyone in my address book...


Dr Paul for President. Go Ron Paul.
"Only in an insane world is this man NOT our President. My God this was the greatest Presidential address ever. He is a very special man and boy do we need him and his ways now."

"This man was Flight Surgeon in the Air force!! A Doctor!!! An Economist! An opponent of the FED. He speaks massive wisdom! He is principled and not beholden to special interests!!!
IMO he's the one to lead a grassroots conservative revolution against the neocons and liberal establishment!!"

- some YouTube comments

Insane World

The world is insane,Bandrig! and Ron Paul and his supporters are part of the collective unconscious who have now awakened and are seeing the truth of how the world operates. Now that we are awake, we are continually astounded that others do not see whaqt we see and understand what we now realize as truth. This is where compassion, faith, courage and persistance must play their parts as they are still in dreamland caught up in the matix of lies that keep all of us enslaved. Although we are trying to save them along with ourselves, until they awaken they are still the enemy. But this is, and will change, our movement is reaching critical mass, where the majority will awaken too, or be left in the dark. So we must never waiver,stay the coarse, speak the truth,and never compromise your principles. This is TRUE POWER! This is the gift I have received from the good doctor. Ron Paul awakened me to the truth, as bitter as that pill was to swallow. He got me reading and learning and growing, teaching me what it means to be human and an American. I have grown so much... I will be eternally grateful to this great man..

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Waking up from the dark night

"Insane World", you have written very beautifully. There is a spiritual dimension to this, isn't there?

Very nice

He did this very well!

Ron Paul should walk off the stage

At any future debate where he is marginalized and ignored, or ridiculed and not given time to respond to a question, he should simply walk off the stage. Now that would get some media attention as they would finally have to ask why and he would get all the time he needs!!!!


Only one choice.

That's the problem. The only debates that the panel of neo con "top tier" candidates will agree to appear in are those sponsored by the establishment-owned media (i.e., all the MSM debates).

If a Liberty org like Campaign for Liberty, or a "non partisan" liberty org were to host it, only RP and Gary Johnson would show up. Because that debate would be fair, balanced and focus on the top 2-3 issues, and actually allow a real "debate" (hello!), none of the other candidates would dare show their faces, because their true colors would be exposed very clearly.

That's what these sham debates are doing too, they aim to "expose" RP as a fringe candidate, or ignore him.

Problem for them is that most Americans believe in Liberty if they will take a few minutes to think about it. That's why this movement is growing so rapidly.

Reminds me of a George Washington quote: "Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth."

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Bad Idea

That would get attention, but it would not help him, it would hurt him big time! Who would elect a president who flees when things don't go their way? I think any politician knows an action like this would not gain him respect. He'd be done for.

This man has so much class, anyway he wouldn't do it.

Oh, and I don't think they'd really bother to ask him why. They'd have a field day reporting on the potential commander-in-cheif who couldn't even handle a presidential debate.

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