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Ron Paul: Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect 9/15/11

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It has to be done at the

It has to be done at the right time. Like if ignored on a Federal Reserve question like the last debate. I was offended by the actions to ignore him on that. He should have taken over the debate at that point and scolded all those who had talked before him.

They talked about the Federal Reserve and SOUND CURRENCY?! As if there is a sound currency with a fiat currency from a "federal reserve note". This would have been a great time to point out that the knowledge of the other candidates about the Federal Reserve is either inadequate or that they are lying to the American people.

Frame the debate right there and then about economic policy for America based upon real honest money. If the moderators want to cut him off, he has to assert his claim that the moderators are only hiding the truth from the American people about what is truly going on in this country.

Lets see ANY of the other candidates challenge him on the knowledge of the Federal Reserve.

But he has to have a firm plan of action on what to do to replace it. Yes, legalize competition. Yes gold and silver. BUT how would it be done? Executive order? Through congress? etc. etc.

They just wouldn't invite him

They just wouldn't invite him back and continue to ignore him... that could potentially back-fire. I think he just needs to be a bit more forthright - he consistently is from a philosophical perspective but not so in terms of "interaction".

I think they are deliberately provoking him

to do something like that so they can turn around and say, 'see, he's just a cranky, kooky old man. He had already agreed to the terms and then couldn't handle them.' You know they are trying to trip him up in every way, particularly sideways.

possibly, but you can

possibly, but you can speak-up in a debate without whining. Imagine how Peter Schiff would be chomping at the bit to say something every pause the other candidates made and then tone that down to about 5-10%, but only when it was needed. Don't ask to speak just quickly throw in a comment.

Thank You Dr. Paul. Very Presidential

Thank you Dr. Paul. Very Presidential indeed. Ron Paul is the peace candidate.

A policy of mutual respect has time proven to work on the personal, corporate and governmental levels. I am with you 100%.

"The president's number one job is to keep his people out of war." - JFK

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Not Quite!

Yes, a good speech that makes intellectual points, but he is still appealing too much to people's rational minds. The fact remains that a hell of a lot of people vote with their heart and their gut. I know Paul is different, but would it hurt him to say in that speech that he LOVES this country and he and you and everyone in it would be much PROUDER Americans to lead by example instead of force. So that people around the world want to BE us, instead of FEAR us like it once was early last century. And also mention that we can still have a mighty military and a DON'T MESS WITH US attitude without being aggressive? A gentle giant, if you will.

He is so close to convincing people that his message is what they really want, but it doesn't quite nail it. He has the right message, but he needs to get at people's emotions and pride in this great country!

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When he gets invited on the news programs to

explain his "mutual respect" foreign policy, he can add color. This was the outline of a new brand, and I'm sure the embelishments will come with each re-explanation of it.

He did say that he believes America is exceptional and then went about proving how we can keep our exceptionalism and grow it.

Great speech.


re: Exceptionalism.

LTD, we hope and anticipate the embellishments, surely they will beautify his extra ordinary talk. Rare indeed.

You also mentioned "proving how we can keep our exceptionalism and grow it". These are weighty matters. Some may take exception (raise objection) to claims of the exceptional. So I will agree with BMT below, that RP must (may) have thought about them. But this talk was about "Mutual" respect.
Proof of the Exceptional is with the mention of The Name with reverence, = "Hallowed / Honored be Thy Name". - that which is Not coined / made or named by men, but the One which was inspired and revealed, the authentic and acceptable.

RUSH LIMBAUGH wants to take out Ron Paul

out of the Republican party, so I have one question for him:

Don't you believe in the Constitution? Then, why don't you want Congress to go through the process and declare war...perhaps you would rather have a President as a Dictatorship instead.

It's a fair question. You can't have the Constitution both ways. You either accept it fully, or forget it.

If Congress had had more authority, then they might have avoided invading Iraq who had no WMD. A "possible" threat doesn't cut it. That's like saying my neighbor said he'd like to kill me, so I better kill him first. Now, that kind of thinking is CRAZY.

'Crazy' Pretence.

Rush may huff & puff, now its beyond him. In answer to your question Rush will say one thing in public but scheme the opposite after secret counsel. He is a demon.
These war-mongers pretend to be crazy, - after Iraq they are using the same language against Iran. They slander, blame falsely, to attack, even when the neighbor has Not issued any threat. Pretending to be 'crazy' is a neo-zio-con tactic. Former Israeli premier had said israel must be viewed as a mad dog, nobody should mess with it. This is the strategy of their nuclear policy. See Wikipedia "Samson Option". Their policy is of mass-suicide, to pull-down the whole world.

Rush Falls Short of Paul Standard

Rush Limbaugh didn't even finish High School.
Rush Limbaugh has never been elected to any office, ever.
Rush Limbaugh never served in the military.
Rush Limbaugh failed as a TV host, and in case we have forgotten, he was fired from ESPN for making racist comments.

Rush Limbaugh even calls himself an entertainer, and anytime someone brings his name up, I try to remind them of this.

Good point..

Exceptionalism is in the eye of the beholder, I think. This country has potential for exceptional behaviour if we follow RP's doctrine of mutual respect. Whether following the golden rule brings prosperity or not is really not the purpose. The purpose is to do what is right and live in our true nature to love one another.



Golden Rule is so fair, all fair folks accept, and over it is Love. Ron Paul also mentioned the 10 Commandments, which in itself carries the message of peace, specially #-10.
"Love thy enemy" is not easy for most of us, but "Love thy neighbor" surely is, - from that point we can raise our-Self to a higher level, of Love.
With hopes that RP's message of Peace reaches the world, quick. Thanks & best wishes.

Im sure he thinks those

Im sure he thinks those things. But this seemed to be a rather focused message.

But good point.


yes, you too.

One of the Best speaches of the good Doctor


The Best of Ron Paul.

let the competition slip away, or simply endorse.
Even Obama should stand aside, it would be impudent to stay in the White House, he should leave and not wait for election time.. That will be best for America, and world peace.
If Obama has any good sense or fair manners he should quit, and invite Dr.Ron Paul to take-over.

"Leave Obama, leave"

EDIT: Visualize a white dove hovering above, carrying a message of hope and peace, an olive branch. Say "Welcome".

He would need a heart transformation for that.....

and he may be too much of a narcissist for such a change.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Debbie's picture

This is a beautiful post Najam, thank you!

Unfortunately Obama does not have good sense or fair manners, but you describe the only proper response to this speech.


re : encouragement.

D, thank you for the appreciaton, it is encouraging, - I want to say some more, so I will go to top of page. Regards, with +1.

Re: Visualize. I need to correct myself, the dove is not hovering above, its near, on the balcony. "Welcome".

Great Message, but ....

The Message was great, and I'm glad that he made this video.

But Ron Paul looked too somber, glum, and unhappy. An unsmiling delivery like this really doesn't work too well. This is exactly what got President Jimmy Carter in trouble during his debate against Reagan (and also during his Energy Conservation speech which became known as the "malaise" speech). Carter looked unpleasant and irritated during the debate the whole time, while Reagan looked affable and "likeable". It wasn't that "there you go again" was any kind of witty comeback, or brilliant line. It wasn't. In fact, in academic circles Reagan would have been penalized for such an amatuer response. But that line worked in that context because the political theater was already working against Carter, and working in Reagan's favor. This was because Reagan looked confident, while Carter looked haggard and annoyed. The body english created the feeling of a Reagan advantage, when ironically Carter's charges were factually correct (the Social Security Trust Fund was defunded/raided by Reagan) -- but facts unfortunately seldom matter -- it's the perceptions that count.

So Ron needs to loosen up a little bit here. Give this same address but do so in the same way the John Kennedy would have.

"Confident and unafraid we must labor on: not towards a stratgey of annihilation; but towards a strategy of peace."

--President John Kennedy, June 1963

Sea Change to Authenticity

No more theater. It is a very serious subject and these are very serious times, different than anything that has come before. Ron Paul's demeanor and his authenticity which is his trademark are a perfect match for the sea change shift that is occurring. Many who are last will be first. And many who are first will be last. We do not have to nor would it even be moral to imitate those who used to be first. Depth and authenticity are what counts now.

Ron Paul : The Reluctant Leader

We should all be ashamed of ourselves, from a common sense point of view, to have to support a man who should be spending his twilight years with his loving family, doing what his loves best : bringing babies into the world..and playing with his grand kids.

I hope and pray that providence continues to bless and protect this kind and decent man from the human filth which permeates the political world.


Me too.


No disrepect but I could not

No disrepect but I could not disagree more. Our country is in serious trouble, therefore the look and tone was appropriate. We do not need a wishy washy happy go lucky guy that no one takes seriously.

No disrespect for non disrespect, but oh yes...

Oh yes... this was not a great video. It was only good. And only very good to the people that already love Ron Paul.

Yes, these are serious times, but are you kidding me? Leaders are supposed to be inspirational. People look to them to see the light. Unfortunately, most people who vote, vote for fairly superficial reasons. They don't pay enough attention. They take in sound bites and quick images and compile a notion - a gut feeling of the leader they want.

If we were not voting for people, but for speeches, I'd say his speech might win the election, but most Americans are looking for strong, confident, positive, energetic leaders.

This is sadly why Perry swooped in so easily. He's got all the superficials and he just had to co-opt a lot of Dr. Paul's well-thought-out policies and talking points to make himself appear educated. Does anybody really think he knew anything about the Fed until he started to contemplate a run for the Presidency (and the compulsory book). He probably learned most of what he knows from Dr. Paul's books!

Oh, and I don't know how Ron is doing it. Keeping up with his insane campaign schedule and all. It's easy to criticize his looks, but I would probably look more haggard by now than he and he is more than twice my age!

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Debbie's picture

I agree Mr. Wilson. His serious look was appropriate for the

situation we are in. Relaxed and smiling would not be correct for this particular message.


Relaxed and smiling would not

Relaxed and smiling would not be correct for this particular message.

A straw man dialed down to 1 is still a straw man.

I don't recall "relaxed" or "smiling" to be what Libertybaby or todderasesareddot were saying at all. They were merely offering constructive criticism of this video, and for the record, after thinking about it, I have to agree somewhat.

I do think the solemn tone is well-warranted, giving the subject matter, but that doesn't mean he can't have zero inflection. Since when is zero inflection authentic? If anything, this video is already inauthentic, because it shows the good doctor in a state we rarely see him in.

But to turn that around and lambast people (however gently you tried to do it) who think it could be better... well, sorry that doesn't fly.

Instead of "relaxed and smiling", try "cool, collected". That's still very presidential and more closer to what Libertybaby and todderasesareddot meant. Do try better not to twist other people's words around.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

No disrespect Mr. Wilson

I do take this man very seriously. I also take our Liberty and the lack thereof, very seriously.

No disrespect because we all are entitled to our opinions. Theses "times" we are living in is the reason I reply with my opinion.

Right, to an extent.

Kennedy did Not face the burden that is now, and ahead. This was very weighty talk that Ron Paul gave. In this period of multi-dimensional crisis who would not bend a bit, the concern is showing on his face, that means he is aware.
The others are in blissful ignorance of what lies ahead.
Give Ron Paul 100 credits for his courage to speak, the message of peace, while being surrounded by hawks & demons, but who are actually pygmies.