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Ron Paul: Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect 9/15/11

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Excellent! It seems a little

Excellent! It seems a little obvious by his not so direct eye contact that he was reading from a prompter, but still a beautifully worded and well executed state of the union...er I mean message :)

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I see Congressman Paul and I were thinking along the same lines.


That is most flattering and Congressman Paul's speech is brilliant, succinct and relevant.

Most Powerful Message

the philosophy of peace through non intervention.
This is what turned me on to Ron Paul in 07.
Amazing - fantastic - brilliant - presidential.
Above all truth.

I'm spreading this one big time.

How can anyone who says they are for a more peaceful foreign policy reject Ron Paul? Democrats - Independents - Libertarians and Republicans that don't listen to Rush, Beck, Hannity and so forth.

President Ron Paul

addresses the Nation.

I would love to see this as

I would love to see this as an infomercial and run nationally. A foreign policy of Mutually Assured Respect is an awesome idea that should become one of the RP campaign slogans.


This deserves to be spread far and wide.

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what a beast...

Ron Paul, you are the leader of future humanity...

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Serious and Presidential

This took me by surprise. With this, I can see him as a president. That's what people want to see. He needs to package those thoughts into a 60 second bit and do it at the next debate.

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He needs to do more.

So Strategic Independence is now Mutually Assured Respect.

Good move, need to do it again

After the dabate on monday night, I had a feeling Ron would be doing something like this. I think he should do again in the future, advertise it and have a panel and let the press ask questions etc. He needs to control his FP position beyond debate soundbites.

I freaking love this guy!!

I freaking love this guy!!

Awesome Video

I'm thinking that we money bomb and have this on people's Televisions!

A stronger ad than anything you can think of

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that is exactly what I thought when I saw this too. We really do need to get his message on TV in small 5 minute messages on his foreign policy, economics, sound money and the FED.
This was such a good video, and I love this guy too! Makes me so proud to be a Ron Paul supporter.

This says it all.

How can a person run for President by saying all the things so many people don't want to hear? THANK GOD FOR RON PAUL.

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I imagined for a minute

That this was his state of the union address.
What a great day that would be.

What a great day that will

What a great day that will be! :)

Air time

The Ron Paul campaign should air this in its entirety before and during the primaries. It will be expensive, but it would be money well spent in my opinion.

It may be the best piece I have seen....and yes, very presidential.

I think once people see and hear this, they may start thinking.....hey, this guy could be president, and he makes a lot of sense.

There is so much common sense here. I hope the campaign does something more with it.