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We have to be realistic about what's happening.

We have to be realistic about what's happening. The polls have us in the low teens. Hopefully they will go up, but I don't want to rely on hope. These are my observations.

1)The GOP machine will do nearly anything to block RP.
2)The DEM machine will do nearly anything to block RP.
3)The average person supports Ron Paul's message of stop the wars, spend that money at home, and bring stability to our economy.
4)The average person won't vote in the primaries.(I think the stat is less than 10% will vote).
5)The primaries and the general election are straw polls.(They are non binding.)
6)The caucus, delegate, and electoral college processes are the real election. The only people who vote for the president are a few hundred people who were selected by the process. Everything else is academic.

Last time around our local meetup group spent alot of time canvassing for the primary. We did sign rallies, posters, radio ads, etc. This time I'm getting prepared for our states caucus system. I'm going to be canvassing for the caucus.

Start keeping a list of people who will get involved in the delegate system to support RP and then turn out in force. The biggest lesson I learned from the last cycle was that we need to turn out over whelming numbers. Our best county in our state turned out an 80% to 20% victory and got delegates to the national convention floor. The rest of the state was a 50 -50 split and we got cheated, lied to, arrested, and locked out because we didn't have the over whelming numbers. I've got 10 people plus me to go to our caucus so far and it's still 2011. This time we've got 3 RP supporters on the GOP county council. Last time we didn't have anyone on the council could only get 42 people to show up after the dismay of the reality of super Tuesday. That was a sad number because we had over 100 people in our meetup group. However, we still won our county because only 40 of the establishment showed up. This time I want to get hundreds of people and flood the system. Who with me out there?

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