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Is it evil to kill terrorists, while killing civilians at the same time?

If these people are so called Christians(there are true ones out there), is it o.k. to kill civilians while we take out terrorists. When was the Ten Commandments changed? If someone is trying to kill me with a gun, and I pull out a gun and accidentally shoot everyone around that person because I am a bad shot, do they just let me walk? When you kill someone in someone's family, do they appreciate the freedom you are bringing for them? Thou shalt not kill, what does that mean to these people that tote religion with their message? Don't call yourself a Christian, or have a faith in the Bible if you are pro war, pro abortion, is what I would have to say to these radio pundits. I would even be obliged to call them false prophets if given the chance. I don't want to bring religion onto you all, but if you believe in God, it is your responsibility to stand for God when these false prophets use Him to justify things when it isn't something about war. If you are a believer, it is your duty to speak on God's behalf. These people claim to believe in God, so call them out on it. Keep up the great work everyone!!!!

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You'll know them by their

You'll know them by their deeds....
It's sure a sick sad world, isn't it?

As a long time believer in Jesus

I say, if it is at all within your power to prevent murdering civilians, you do everything in your power to prevent it! (up to and including laying your life down in their place.)

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

The acts prostituted by this

The acts prostituted by this government for over a century now are uncivilized and barbaric.For those that advocate such violence are devoid of compassion,care and the sanctity of innocent life.
Anyone who has a conscience should and would condemn these acts,as any civilized country would.

13 No servant can serve two masters; for either he shall hate the one, and love the other, or else he shall lean to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and riches. - Luke 16

Anyone who thinks killing civilians are ok

are deranged. If anyone thinks it is OK to kill civilians, do they think it is OK if their child is killed as a civilian ? Obviously those deranged people only think it is OK if someone else's child is killed.

Wait A Minute, I Thought The Civilians Were The Terrorists?*#*^€

Did I read my Department of Fatherland Securitizing handbook wrong?
It says to observe civilians carefully for signs you might see something, then to be sure to say something. I'm really not sure what I'm looking for, I see "something" all the time.
If the civilians aren't the terrorists why is The Department of Fatherland Securitizing having everyone watch the civilians?

If everybody is looking in the wrong direction for the "terrorists" doesn't it make it awfully easy for the real terrorists to attack us?

Wait a minute, just whose side are these Department of Fatherland Securitizing characters on anyway?

You don't suppose they are helping cover for the real terrorists?


Sure SEEMS like it.

You shall know them by their deeds!

The Oracle

Well, let's put it in the

Well, let's put it in the perspective of Joseph Farah, well known neocon and WND owner, whose revelation today up on his website was he was meeting with Bill Aryes and his wife during the 70s since Joseph was part of the weather underground esssentially. Both were terrorists fleeing from the FBI, and it is a felony to harbor a fugitive.

From Joseph's perspective, it would have been very bad if the FBI had broken in right then and killed him because Joseph was sitting next to a terrorist, because then he wouldn't have had a chance to "reform" and be a neocon.

From Joseph's perspective today, it is very good to kill Muslims, because they are all terrorists anyway.

The people advocating all the killing seem to be the ones with the worst backgrounds.

He may have reformed. But he isn't acting like a Christian.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

To qualify as "evil", there

To qualify as "evil", there probably has to be some sort of ill intent, or at least excessive sloppiness.

If I walk down the street and step on a detonator that blows you up, I killed you, but I don;t reckon I was particularly evil for doing so.

A bit further along the blurred line, if I'm driving a few miles faster than I really ought to to get my dieing child to the emergency room, and happen to hit and kill you; am I evil...

And then, if I, by trying to grab the hand of a gunman to prevent him from firing into a crowd, inadvertently causes him to shoot you....

Or, if I shoot at him, but by doing so causes him to twitch and shoot you.....

Or, finally, I shoot at him, but grabs you and pulls you in front of him as I release the trigger......

If strong words like evil is to have any meaning, they shouldn't be bandied about so lightly. In the real world, things aren't so black and white.

The neocon mantra is...

..."Kill For The Sake Of Killing!!"

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

they're not christians...

they're not christians... just pretenders

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- Calvin Coolidge

Another religious thread.

Another religious thread. “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.