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Watch this video of world trade center building 7.

Now those who think 911 wasn't an inside job.. Please watch this. Here is video of world trade center building 7..
Looks like a professional demolition to me..


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Forget Building 7

Look. I am in the UK, and we all know here that building 7 just fell. 40% of Americans now think something was going on.

Look at the votes for Ron Paul. He is the front runner. But he wont say it... yet. And MORE IMPORTANTLY, you have a big problem. His votes simply dissapear when you put them into your VOTING MACHINES.

Look, forget all this 911 truth. You wont achieve a damn thing, until you are 'free'. And my sad friends. You are NOT FREE. Your elections are 'rigged'.

You boys better get this sorted out 1st. Or you have blown it a 3rd time, and this time, I don't think anyone is going to pick up the pieces. I actually feel sorry now for Ron Paul, as non of you realise, that he can't just say what he really thinks right now.

And what I am sure he knows, is that unless you guys get your act together, and monitor the damn election. It is all in vain again. Get this guy in power ASAP, and then go back to this 911 stuff if you like. I think however, when and if he gets in (which is up to you btw, to stop election FRAUD), then you and he will be more worried about where all your money has gone. Maybe, with RP you might be able to rebuild your country. But you ain't having him until you realise that you are about one of the only counties on Earth that use electronic voting. Its not cheaper. In the UK we HAND COUNT every time, and same else where. Its how free and fair elections work. And sadly for you confused lot. You DONT HAVE THEM... and you are not free

Says "This Video is Private"


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this isn't that again, is it?

Mr. Private Video?

It's already made the rounds here.


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..umm.. this is just.. umm... ~nervously taps fingers~ ... umm.. trapped japanese tourists snapping photos! Yeah.. that's the ticket! :|

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this one

is fake.

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do you say that?

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