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Fascinating 1936 Footage of Chevrolet Assembly Line

Made back when Detroit and Flint were spectacular cities and the manufacturing hub of the world ... they are now bombed out 3rd world war zones specializing in crystal meth cooking


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Awesome video. Thx.

It also brings to mind Peter Schiff's recent anecdotal comment about how America was once able to produce the world's highest quality goods for the lowest prices while paying the world's highest wages. From Schiff's testimony to the House Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight, and Government Spending on September 13, 2011:

Henry Ford was famous for paying his workers five dollars per day. That was an ounce and a quarter of gold which at today’s exchange rate is $2500 a week. So Ford’s workers were making $2500 per week the equivalent. They were paying no federal income taxes and no payroll taxes. There was no minimum wage and there were no unions. We paid the highest wages in the world, yet we produced the best quality, least expensive product. How is that possible? That was because we had the smallest government. We had minimal regulations, low taxes, and if we want to recreate American Industry, we have to recreate that environment. If we want to allow businesses to grow and prosper, then we have to remove all the roadblocks and the impediments that Congress has placed in their path over the years.

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As a car enthusiast, I appreciate this vid...

And to think this was 75yrs ago..impressive (ditto on the music)!! Thanks for the link...

Jaw dropping

Jaw dropping, that was 75 years ago.

It also felt like we made so little progress in terms of creativity in all this time. The car still works on the same principles, no shift of paradigm or attempts to change the concept, just the materials are higher quality.

As Jeff Tucker put it in The Jetsons World, this is a good example of an industry over-regulated by the government, as opposed to, let's say, the internet where a huge paradigm shift occurs all the time. Free market for the win

The purpose of regulation

is to raise the bar for entry and protect the big boys from new competition. Only the big boys can afford to jump the regulatory hurdles.

I was told that my Buick LeSabre with a 3800cc 6 cylinder engine is more powerful that the muscle cars of the 1960s and it gets over 32 mpg. We call it the couch.

Competition from the Japanese was an important factor driving innovation.

Free market for the win!

Free includes debt-free!


1936 Chevy. But the famous sit-down strike at the Fischer Body Plant in Flint was December 1936.

The plant is like a giant clock that makes cars: Mechanism controlled. Amazing!

Free includes debt-free!


Loved it

For Freedom!
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Thank you

That was very inspirational. Kind of feels weird mentioning that ie. the workers obviously look like they take pride in their work. If these people were alive today they would be giving people a serious a## kicking for what the hell is going on lol

From what I have evidenced, Walmarts and Sams etc. have been built where some of the auto plants used to be in Flint. :(

btw, someone is correct... a lot of the people look nothing like these people working in the stores or shopping there ;)

btw, RP was still in diapers here :)


So, what happened?

In 1936 a working man on the assembly line at Ford could provide a comfortable lifestyle for his family, while his wife could stay home and be a housewife. A 1936 Ford vehicle was affordable and easy to repair.

Today, those assembly line jobs have been replaced by robots, and cars today cost an entire years wage. Also, the cars of today are difficult to work on because of computer technology.

Is what we are experiencing today an example of where there is too much advancement? Better technology means bigger profits for the car makers, but has resulted in more unemployment and job insecurity/pension, etc., for those still working in the auto-industry.

If you don't think we have gone too far, what would you think when it comes to the point when computers own the car companies and also design/build and sell them? What would they need humans for? Should the Free Market end up pushing humans aside? Do we count?

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that was cool.. thanks for

that was cool.. thanks for posting.

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That was really cool

America, what are you waiting for? Lets bring our jobs back home and make our country great again!

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Groovy, man...


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