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"Would RP supporters let their mothers die without healthcare?"

Would Ron Paul Supporters Let Their Mothers Die Without Health ... - ‎Huffington Post (blog) -

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Absurdly loaded question

Had the government intervention that drives up the costs never existed? Or, if the government wasn't in such a hole they COULD provide coverage? OR, if people weren't being sucked dry with taxes in the first place, could they buy coverage?....OR....


The HuffPo won't talk about why the person was uninsured in the first place. They don't understand that free markets provide the best healthcare for the most amount of people.

I have...

several doctors and nurses in my extended family. From what they have told me when you reach a certain level of ill health and you start bumping into costs that make the Govt begin to question the cost-benefit, the medical establishment will cut back on treatments and let you die.

On the other hand, if you are relatively healthy with less severe medical problems they will put you through as many of the most expensive tests, treatments, medicines and therapies they can get away with in an attempt to milk the government-funded system for every last penny.

My uncle who is an ER doc told me that some of the other doctors, for example, if a child comes in with asthma and has private insurance or the parents pay cash the child will receive breathing treatments and a course of steroids and be sent home. That same child if on medicaid/SCHIP will very likely end up with a week-long stay in the hospital on taxpayer tab while at the same time causing burdens on the parent(s) who cannot leave the hospital which can jeopardize their job and make it difficult to attend to other serious matters...

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I recall someone making a

I recall someone making a great suggestion for tackling questions like this:


bunch of non sense ... now

bunch of non sense ... now lets focus on getting ron elected

Health care and health insurance are two different things.

Get it straight.

Pass it on.

Stop this nonsense.

If you can't understand how they are NOT the same thing - here's your sign.

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NO! I and the rest of my

family would take care of it. OH! That's right, we have already done that!(three times) Copy this and send it to the idiots at the huffpost.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


That is if you are refering to the medical establishment as healthcare which most people erroniously do.



Ron should NEVER ever, ever, EVER

EVER attempt to answer a hypothetical question. By their nature, hypothetical situations always possess an inadequate amount of information to reply with a universal response. They're also rife with oportunities for those listening to imagine exceptions that don't fit the answer.

Imagine if Wolf had asked the question this way:

If a 30 year-old psychopathic Communist baby killer, mother-stabber and father raper with a 24 year history of meth sales and distribution got struck by lightning while stealing the steeple from a Baptist church... but he didn't have HEALTH INSURANCE- Should we just let him die?

Hypothetical questions ALWAYS have an agenda that is unknown to the person being asked until the big GOTCHA. It's classic "posion the well". The ultimate, "did your mother ever catch you..." question. The only winning move is to call it out for what it is and then refuse to play by redirecting.

I left a comment

it is being monitored first.

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I remember...

back before the Govt forced all the charity hospitals and organizations out of business in the 80's and 90's. It was rare for anybody to not get treatment.

I know several people who were treated for serious medical problems at charity hospitals for free and the charity hospitals were so good many of the rich folk chose to go there and pay instead of going to the all-private hospitals. There were also many hospitals that were funded by local county and city governments in cooperation with charitable doctors and other medical specialists and churches.

Louisiana attempted to keep their charity hospital system, which was one of the best in the nation, and the Federal Govt threatened to take away highway/interstate funding and to deny all medicare payments to the entire state! :\

"If the federal government doesn't fund medical care then only the wealthy will get any" is bogus logic...

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Gotta Link?

Good stuff.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Link to what?

All that was from my experience/memory. I'm old. :)

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I was born in a charity hospital

It was run by the Sisters of St Joseph. After nearly 100 years of continuous service to the community, the sisters sold (for a token amount) to the County around 1970. The tradition of caring for everyone carried on for a number of years, right up to the time when I was about 22 years old and had to have surgury for a foot injury.

The doctor refused to charge me, as he (mistakenly) believed I did not have health insurance (I had a private policy). The hospital bill was modest, and my family paid it off $20 at a time over the course of a year.

That is unheard of now in the age of mandates, employer paid insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and other medical subsidies.

Today, if I was injured, the hospital and doctor would charge me because SOMEONE ELSE (an insurance company or government entity) would probably pay the bill. We think we are a more compassionate people when we mandate or subsidize medical care, but in reality we are blunting real human compassion for the sake of a buck.

The nuns...

ran a TIGHT SHIP and kept the docs and nurses in line! :D

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If we got rid of the fed....

and the inflation it causes the bill could still be paid of at $20 bucks per. An angle most folks don't think about.

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i wrote a friendly comment that i thought explained some things and i think they blocked me! i'm being blocked all over the place, even when i've never been there before. are they omitting me because my posts are persuasive or do they not want to hear what a RP supporter has to think? i see other RP fans there. why not me? ugh, so frustrating... ok, i'm done ranting and feeling sorry for myself.

they "moderate" a lot, especially if you're new

I'm finding that many places seem to hold your posts if you just signed up and/or if you're still fairly new. When I first signed up at huffpo, they wouldn't let anything post. After a while, only some comments got moderated away. Sometimes it does appear to have something to do with the opinions of the moderator.



thank you. i was about to give up commenting. now i won't.

Nobody is ever turned

Nobody is ever turned away.Everybody gets healthcare,just not everybody buys health insurance.
Big difference,and sometimes the person with health insurance still has to pay for it all anyway.Insurance is the problem.
Not all but many doctors became doctors because they wanted to help people,not to make alot of money.The reality is more doctors would volunteer and give free care if they didn't have to pay such high insurance premiums and of course all the government related regulatory expenses,licenses etc.and also the regular business related costs.If truly free market was to happen in healthcare every service would be affordable and even sometimes free.

I guess the rest of that question is

Would you be willing to become a debt slave to save the life of a loved one?

And what if you and your mother are poor already and can't afford health care? Is making it mandatory to pay for something you can't afford fair? What if your mother is poor and you are 6 would you have a choice what happened to her? And what is she dying of; what is her quality of life going to be? And what if she wants to die without care?

There are so many asinine ways to try to poke holes in the freedom movement by making stupid blank statements that amount to nothing but fluff for the people that are already convinced of their righteousness and moral high ground that they just can't see past their sanctimony.

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A better question... how is it paid for?

Would you borrow from the Chinese - a debt your children have to repay (or devalue the currency of your children's future by printing as much money as you want) so that you don't have to care for your Mother?

Wake up - somebody has to pay for "free" care.

I think

I think you hit the nail on the head in "so you don't have to take care of your mother". I think that's the key

Just the other day I was thinking that most of ultra-left liberals seem to want government to take care of something not because they're compassionate, but just the opposite - coz they don't want to get their hands dirty with it. It's like this elitist attitude of "I'll just throw some money so I don't have to look at them and help them with their problems"

These scenarios are absurd.

What happened to this:

"...a federal law passed in 1986 to prohibit a practice commonly known as "patient dumping" gives you the right to emergency care regardless of your ability to pay. The federal law applies to hospitals that participate in Medicare -- and that includes most hospitals in the United States."


What happened tp doctors who volunteer their services, what happened to charities that treat the sick and dying, what happened to private health care where payment schedules can be worked out between the patient and health care facility?

And why isn't Medicaid enough? Because the politicians aren't getting enough kick-backs from the insurance companies?

Ron Paul is a MEDICAL DOCTOR! Does anyone really think he would NOT treat a patient because that patient could not pay him?

Wow...last election it was racism (because his opponent was black) this time it's healthcare (which just happens to be his opponent's magnum opus).

They are really trying hard to get rid of him - which means he is right on!!!

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Would you let your mom go without healthcare

because you keep enabling the the systems that force med costs up by paying into them?