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The Hill - Paul Plans Constitution Day 'Money Bomb' Fundraiser

For some Americans, Constitution Day, Sept. 17, might be nothing more than a footnote on their tear-off daily desk calendars. But for Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), whose libertarian candidacy for the Republican nomination consistently evokes constitutional themes, the day is one to be celebrated — and fundraised around.

Paul is asking for donations for what he calls his "Constitution Day Money Bomb," the latest in a series of frenzied single-day fundraisers that Paul has leaned on to propel his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Last month, a birthday "money bomb" raised $1.6 million in 24 hours despite a cyberattack on Paul's website that shut it down for hours.

Campaign manager John Tate said that Paul was "the only candidate in this race who will uphold and defend the Constitution and defeat Barack Obama" and urged supporters to give generously in a statement on the Paul website.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Ron Paul's son, sent an email to his supporters asking them to contribute as well. The senator said that discussing the Constitution with his father was a life-changing moment on par with learning how to fish, play baseball or ride a bike.

"One of the memories I cherish the most is my dad's hard work instilling in me his love for liberty, limited government and our United States Constitution," Sen. Paul said in the fundraising plea.

Paul also likened his father's support to wildfire spreading across the country.

"The American people are fed up with politics-as-usual — and the Ron Paul message of individual liberty and constitutional government is spreading like wild fire across America. Tomorrow is our opportunity to throw some gasoline on that fire," Sen. Paul wrote.

The metaphor may be inopportune, as wildfires have been ravaging the Texas countryside, burning 1,500 homes and tens of thousands of acres. Most of the fires have just recently been contained and residents are returning to their homes.

Nevertheless, the Paul campaign expects the Constitution Day fundraiser to be amongst its most successful. As of Friday afternoon, Paul had already raised nearly a quarter million dollars off the ask.

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