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Military Donations: A visual aid.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what does this picture say to you?


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Where's Obama?

Can't wait for the next update, new quarter.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Reminder how military supports Dr. Paul.

Notice no mention of N.G.

The National Guard are components of Army and Air Force

So, they might get classified as "Army" and "Air Force", though not active duty.

I'm not sure if this chart is active duty only or all military. Usually someone in the reserves has a regular civilian employer too, which would be their main employer.

I think he means Newt

I think he means Newt Gingrich, NOT National Guard.


N.G. are Newt's initials, but your information is very interesting!

I wouldn't be surprised if Newt's donations were zero.

At the time.

Newt had raised less money than candidates like Tim Pawlenty who dropped out of the race over five months ago!


Busting Santorum

In one of these debates, Ron just needs to ask Santorum, "Why have you only gotten $750 from active duty military this entire elections process, while I've gotten $100,000? Do you suppose that has anything to do with your foreign policy views on the wars?"

He can really ask that question to anyone, but Santorum is just the most ironic. I can't believe no one notices that Santorum is the biggest warmonger and yet gets the least from the troops.

Eric Hoffer

That would be an epic debate moment.

Is there any sort of answer he could give that would mitigate it? Even if he said something like, "Of course troops want to come home," it would still be disastrous for him.

The campaign needs to be cramming this down `

the media's inboxes with a steady drip. All these great visual efforts show to be done by independent supporter. Ron needs to get this in TV production - soon.

alan laney

Updated Q3 Image!

Youth For Ron Paul FB page posted this.


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3rd Quarter

This one doesn't have his face, it lets people be surprised by who has the most.


Great Graphic

Does anybody have the graphic from 08 that had Hillary, Edwards, Obama, Romney, McCain, and Paul with the names of companies that most contributed to their campaigns?

OK Debbie Schlussel


For The Power of The Republic!

Troops Support 2012?

Nice graphic. Can I use it on www.TroopsSupport2012.com here:


Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

You bet!

Anyone can use it anywhere. :-)


I ran into an old friend yesterday and he mentioned inflation and I asked him if he was a RP supporter. He got so excited and was saying he wants to do as much as possible to get RP elected. So cool.

Before that I went to the local republican party tailgate party for the local university football team. I made it a point to park so my RP sticker was showing. They are some cool people. Did you know that county chairpersons get automatica delegation? Mine is really cool and I am warming her up to RP.

Send her this picture

And ask her if she supports the American Troops or the International Bankers...

Are you with the bankers or the troops?

Smart way to put it!

Visual is amazing

Visual is amazing

This is such a POWERFUL message!

I wish the Paul campaign understood how big this is. I was speaking to a GOP establishment type working at the Republican booth at a local fair yesterday. He told me that he's liking Ron Paul more and more all the time, but he thinks his views on foreign policy are dangerous and naive (how many times have we heard this?). After that, our conversation went something like this...

Me: You know what? I thought the exact same way (I was lying, of course ... lol) until I heard about that donation thing.

Him: What donation thing?

Me: Oh ... you haven't heard?

Him: No??? What? Tell me.

Me: Well get this! If you take the donations to all the other candidates from active duty military personnel, add them up ...... then DOUBLE them ..... you still would not equal the donations to Ron Paul from this honorable and knowledgeable group of men and women.

Him: Get the .... out of here!

Me: Didn't believe it either, then looked it up. It's on the FEC website. All contributions to candidates broken down by the doner's employer.

Him: I just can't believe that. Wow! I WILL look that up.

Me: I was blown away too. Then I starting thinking ... instead of parroting the slogan "support the troops" all the time, I would look into the candidate that the troops support so OVERWHELMINGLY. I mean, what do these guys know about Ron Paul that us civilians are missing? It's pretty eye-opening, to say the least.

Him: Well I will definitely look that up. Thanks.

Then, amazingly, right on cue, a military officer and his officer wife both show up asking for Ron Paul material. I swear to God, I'm not making this up! Talk about divine intervention!

Anyway, that was it. It's so important not to get in their faces and be combative. I acted like I was one of them, then was awakened by this crazy fact. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this "donation thing" can be. I have yet to hear a single Neo-Con able to explain this.

We can win this! And this can be the one fact that can drives us to victory and freedom. Ha ha ha ... how ironic - our troops really could be the ones that save our freedoms after all!

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!

that should be a commercial!

nuff said


Working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness; and this, I should say, is just the condition calculated most effectively to pique the interest of any prophet who is properly gifted with the imagination, insight and intellect

DVD label

With a title, this would make for a good DVD label to peak some people's interest.

I've pointed out these numbers

many, MANY times to neocons before, and honestly, it hasn't gotten me anywhere. It's always some sort of excuse. "Oh but Perry wasn't in the race yet!" "Those soldiers are clearly anti-American!" etc etc etc. These POS don't "support the troops" as they say they do, because if they did, they'd listen to them rather than come up increasingly asinine excuses.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't continue to try talking with neocons to help them see what's going on in the Middle East, but in my experience, most don't seem to care. I've had several tell me that this is a "war on Islam" and consequences/facts be damned. Fucking Nazis.

I've turned my focus to Democrats and apolitical people, as they both have been infinitely easier to reason with.

A signature used to be here!

Perry ?

Where is Perry ? in the 3% "Others" ??? lol

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

This is from the 2nd Quarter of 2011

Perry hadn't announced his run at this point so he is not included in the data.

That's just fantastic!

Nice and clear, and a great picture of Dr. Paul. Well done.

I guess an alternative version could be a pie chart with 2 segments - 71% for Ron Paul and 29% for 'scattering' lol.

Video with this slide in it

I updated my video on military support for ron paul and used this slide for 55 seconds at the end of my video where I "reveal" that Ron Paul is actually supported by the military!


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