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Huge Crowd of Ron Paul Supporters at the California Republican Party Convention!

See videos: Huge Crowds for Ron Paul at California GOP Convention

Ron Paul Wins 2011 CA GOP Straw Poll

Just got back from the convention and I had a blast. Met a lot of nice people... And several people who are regular visitors to the Daily Paul. It was like one big family. Smiles were contagious.

Got there early to greet Dr. Paul along with a couple hundred people who lined up along both sides of the street in front of the hotel.

We made our presence known throughout the convention and the support for the other candidates was almost non-existent. I looked into Perry's supporters room at 10:30am and they had about 10 people. I'm sure his other 10 supporters will show up later in the day...lol I saw no Romney supporters or Bachmann supporters as far as I could tell but the convention was an all day event.

At this point we crowded into the Republican Liberty Caucus event and Dr. Paul addressed the auditorium which was packed and standing room only. I'd say they were about 400-500 Ron Pauliacs.

I finally cast my vote in my first straw poll and it felt great! All thanks to my meet-up group and former Congressional candidate Robert Vaughn who helped me register for the vote.

The Revolution is alive and well in Los Angeles!


Note: Robert worked tirelessly for weeks on this project, showing great care and patience to ensure that all of us who would be casting our votes today were certain to be accommodated by the GOP. ~ with huge appreciation to Robert Vaughn and Steven Vincent for their efforts in making this event a huge success. ~ west coast mod


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ecorob's picture

to o'bully, hannity, and matthews...

you guys are toast!

you just don't know it yet and, btw, we won't forgive you when you come crying, we will prosecute you

can you "feel" us yet?

this will happen in every State now...and we, the people WILL have our leader!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

We Need Someone Waving the American Flag Behind Him


GREAT idea. Important for all video and photos at events.

You should post it as a separate post, so people on their way to an RP event can all be reminded to bring one. Can you imagine if more than one person brought them?

Since Perry's table was so empty...

we just took over it lol


the American people deserve better than voting for the lesser of two evils - me

ecorob's picture

thats so funny

...i'm surprised there was none of the plastic media around to copy and paste a few of the Dr. Paul supporters into the perry abyss

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Nice work!


Too funny!

They probably took off their red shirts and joined the revolution.

Photos from California Republican Party Convention

Hi everyone,

It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone yesterday. I've recently started increasing my awareness and involvement in politics, and it seems like a great time to be doing so. I took a few pictures from yesterday, which are located here:


Hope you enjoy the photos and I look forward to meeting you again soon!


Question for someone who was there.

It is being reported that Dr. Paul was locked out of the health care forum since a volunteer got nervous as Ron walked in with 100's of supporters following him. Is this true? Did he eventually get in the forum?


I think if we knew how many people read our stuff we would freak

I feel like a writer for the Times, but it's much better than that because it is for the DAILYPAUL and it is free will, not money that drives me to write!!!

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

"Ron Pauliacs?"

Excellent post and activism, but please don't help the opposition by calling yourself a "Ron Pauliac," "Paulite," or any of the other cult-like terms the media uses against us.

You're a "constitutionalist," or simply "Ron Paul supporter."


I introduce myself as a Ron Paul Republican. This gives me an opportunity to indentify myself as a supporter of Ron Paul's issues to my central committee, other Republicans when it comes to explaining why I am NOT supporting a blanket neocon agenda, just because the CA GOP wants to spend money on it. I have infiltraited the GOP with every intention of making my Central Committee a Ron Paul Republican central committee, district and state, eventually.

I am not Ron Paul. I would NOT be a Republican if it was not for the HOPE Ron Paul and others who support Ron Paul, give me to take this party, and nation back to the Constitution, liberating us from the tyrany of big government adn endless wars, and providing FREEDOM.

Freedom to fail, to make mistakes, to succeed, to LIVE.


There were 500-700 people there when Dr. Paul spoke at about 11am. Some issues with getting people registered to vote, and TONS of young people who likely could not afford the $100.

I am skeptical of the Perry #'s. There were hardly anyone else at this event and we were there from 7am to 7pm. When the Ron Paul supporters who had been there since 7am cleared out around lunch time, the place was a ghost town for the rest of the day.

God bless Patriot.

You rock Citizen Joe!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

California GOP Straw Poll

California GOP Straw Poll Results

817 votes

Ron Paul 374 46%
Rick Perry 243 30%
Romney 74 9%
Bachman 64 8%
Huntsman 17 2%
Cain 15 2%
Gingrich 14 2%
McCotter 7 1%
Santorum 7 1%
Johnson 2 .2%

It's important to note that it cost $100 to vote in the poll, which means that many Ron Paul supporters paid out of pocket for this victory. If the fee were a bit lower no doubt we would have take a majority of the vote.

It's also amazing that an establishment political party Convention for the most populous state in the nation would garner such a low vote total. Clearly the GOP in California is ready to be renewed by the energy of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Please donate now in the Constitution Day Money Bomb! Push this over the $1 million mark!

"it cost $100 to vote in the poll"

Well, no. The L.A. County Ron Paul 2012 Meetup had collected enough money to subsidize 270 people to attend the convention. I paid my own way, but those who could not afford it got to vote anyway, just for showing up. I don't know how many people took advantage of the subsidy, but it WAS offered. Nor do I know if the Perry or Romney or Bachman people had a similar program in place. Anyone know?

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose


The word is that Perry campaign paid about $10,000 for their supporters. Also, I'm pretty sure it was the campaign that ended up footing the bill for $25000 worth of tickets for our side.

Thanks freedommessage! Way To Go California..

I was going nuts pal..Thanks again!

Straw Poll Results

I looked on their website FAQ and it said the Straw Poll results will be read at 7:30PM. I guess that means 27 minutes to go!

Citizen Joe is there. He says it might be late tonight/tomorrow

Be patient. You guys are driving me nuts!

Did anybody stay late to check the Straw Poll results?

Voting closed at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time -- an hour and a half ago, now. Does anyone know when and how the results will be announced? I had to go to work & left when Dr. Paul finished speaking, so I heard nothing about the Straw Poll results.

We sure had a good turnout for the Doc; the results should be awesome. The whole time I was there, I saw no one with Bachmann or Romney campaign materials, and one lonely guy with a Rick Perry T-shirt. A few quiet folks in suits may have been the opposition supporters.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

there were more than 500....i would think there was over


Shared this on my Facebook page.

I just watched this on YouTube, then shared it on my Facebook page. Do the same, guys!


Shared the VIDEO!

I shared the video on Facebook, that is!



I'm going to watch it again and then share it