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BlackThisOut Money Bomb - October 19 - Let's prepare NOW!!

While we're on a high from the Constitution Money Bomb, let's take the time to prepare for the next one. The date is October 19, it's a Wednesday. Save the date!

The MOST effective thing you can do right now is to "attend" the Facebook event and invite your friends so we can get as many people to know about the event as possible. Our biggest money bomb was about $2 million and we did that because of the power of social media. Let's out do that one. Go to this Facebook event:


Click "I'm Attending" and then invite as many friends as you can to this event. For a method to quickly invite all your friends, see this:


Why is it important? Well because for everyone to clicks "I'm attending" and invites friends, you're starting a massive chain of invites! Not only do your friends get invited and then invite their friends, they'll see "X is attending MoneyBomb", and then most importantly, everyone will get a notice on Facebook ON THE DAY of the money bomb and will be reminded to donate. This is critical.

From the website:

The media has ignored, blacked out, downplayed and lied about Ron Paul and we are sick of it! Lets give the media something they can not ignore, the largest one day online fundraiser in political history!

So please, let's get started now, we have a month to prepare, invite all your friends NOW and you'll have a whole month worth of chain invites to the event!

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4,412 people attending the facebook event. This is really starting to take off. Please attend and invite your friends.


2,778 people attending the facebook event

2,392 attending

2,392 attending

over 1800 attending! :)

over 1800 attending! :)

1,525 attending

1,525 people attending the facebook event so far



We need to keep this going till the bomb,

Last money bomb we hit 1 mil with almost no build up. Spreading the word and giving people time to save up is the only way we are going to hit the big numbers. Keep up the good work :)

Jacksonville, FL

This is great!

This is great!

Bump :)

Bump :)

Pledges are up

There are now 351 pledges

Pledge Here - http://www.blackthisout.com/

Now up to 459

Now 864

Pledges are growing everyone please pledge at http://www.blackthisout.com/

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When I first read the headline I thought

it was an unfortunate word choice in this P.C. age. Any chance you'd consider a clearer slogan such as Uncensored Moneybomb?

I didn't come up with the

I didn't come up with the title, I'm just trying to get word out about it. It would be great if this was the moneybomb to break all records because the media would have to report it, then report the name and reason of the money bomb was that they haven't given Ron Paul his fair share of air time.

Lets do this

This money bomb is supposed to send a message to the media and anyone who still likes to pretend Ron Paul is not a top tier candidate, this money bomb has to be a huge success. Our goal should be to get at least 100,000 donors, the Constitution bomb only had around 16,000.

If we all start working on this now a little bit everyday 100,000 donors is a very achievable goal. I'm going to start tweeting about blackthisout everyday on twitter and my goal is to have at least 2,000 followers by October 19th.

Also the Ron Paul sign bomb is October 10th, if you are meeting up with people to wave signs also remind them and get them pumped about the black this out money bomb.

workin on it

I'm up to 150 followers on twitter and posted a few comments on youtube today

I agree, we can definitely

I agree, we can definitely get 100,000 people but only if we are proactive enough now. So many people say "Oh but it's a month away". So? That's 4 weeks! The 2007 money bombs that hit 6 million were prepared 6 weeks in advance. We need this amount of lead up WITH action.


I have started now, we need everyone helping to promote. I think there are a lot of people that think they can't make a difference but they can.

Worked great, thanks!!

Simple and easy to do. Click on show more under the video for the links.

how do i do this?

When I go to the fire add-ons page, which add-on do I choose? Do I then need to go to a different webpage for the script? I have about 1000 friends on facebook & I would like to be able to reach them all. Admittedly I am not super computer savvy but Im sure I will get this. Any help would be great!

james williams

Hi James, Got to the YouTube

Hi James,

Got to the YouTube page here: http://youtu.be/RmBgGDoX7G0

Then click on the 'Show More' under the video. It will have direct links to the scripts you need to install so you don't need to search for them. :)

I hope that helps!

Hey! thats my birthday!

Hey! thats my birthday!

Tell people to give to Ron

Tell people to give to Ron Paul as your bday gift ;)

Great idea, get the ball

Great idea, get the ball rolling now, we've got a month to get 100,000 people then.

Attending! Also invited some

Attending! Also invited some more liberty lovers ;) Pass it on everyon!

Very important guys! :)

Very important guys! :)