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"Ron Paul the unlikely star of the state GOP convention" Page A-1 on Saturday's SF Chronicle

Encouraging article that focused on the youthfulness and enthusiasm of Paul's supporters, while at the same time pointedly mentioning that "most party officials steered clear of his events."


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Ron Paul says.....

"The only way we'll find out is what happens in January, whether that translates into real votes," he said. "We see the enthusiasm ... and the volunteers. But under our system, the litmus test is: Do they come to the polls and vote? We'll see."

Brush Fires

The Constitution, small government, and Individual Rights remain the core beliefs of the Grass Root Republican. When we convince them of our intentions to actually return to this path of freedom there will be no need to address any third party option.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

Here's what I posted:


Poor word choice, Carla!!!
Don't you know that Ron Paul is the real deal?
Not a fraud like all the rest of the republican candidates & in particular our POTUS. NONE of them support our Constitution.
Ron Paul is the CHAMPION of the Constitution!
When is the media going to wake-up & realize there are milliions of us out here who know our Constitution & want to take our country back? You keep marginalizing Ron Paul & just not getting it, that We The People DEMAND that he be our next president, otherwise our country is going down the drain!

Good article.

Thanks for posting.



Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

I note that they couldn't

I note that they couldn't refrain from calling Ron Paul a "longshot". They never say that of Michele Bachmann, who regularly polls behind Ron Paul. (The only poll I know of where she beat Ron Paul was the Iowa straw poll, and that one was almost a tie.)

They also say that John Dennis ran as a Libertarian against Nancy Pelosi. Actually, he won the Republican primary and ran as a Republican.

We really need to re-coin any

We really need to re-coin any republican who believes in Liberty and running as a member of the GOP, as a "Liberty Republican". Not this mess where the media tries to downplay a candidates status by trying to insinuate that "libertarian" or "libertarian-leaning" is somehow a negative.

They called John Dennis a libertarian in this article, even though he clearly ran as a Republican. ***not that I am saying Republican is what I want to represent per se, but the LIBERTY party of the Republicans.

No, They Called Him a "Libertarian"

They called him a "Libertarian" (Big-L party member or nominee), not a "libertiarian" (small-l someone who believes in the philosophy of liberty). That's an even bigger mistake, to put him in the wrong party.

John Dennis is a libertarian, and a credit to the movement, but he wasn't our LP nominee. I can't believe their political reporter made such a factual mistake.

As for the word, "libertarian," we need to point out that freedom brings us together, authoritarianism (statism) divides us. Libertarian philosophy is not opposed to conservative or liberal, it allows both those, but it is opposed to statism, where everybody fights over who gets to force their views on everyone else.

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