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Last night at the LPAC Convention

What a night we had at the LPAC Convention in Reno!! There was a very nice reception ending the last day of speeches and presentations, and then a few hours later we all came back to the Grande Sierra Showroom for a free concert with Jordan Page, and Jimmie Vaughn.


While these superb musicians played and sang, we watched the Constitution Day Money Bomb unfold on two giant big screens, and cheered every milestone. Between Jordan & Jimmie, a video of Ron Paul was played that he'd recorded just for us before he left for California. It was such a personal & touching message.

The icing on the cake was when John Tate announced the final results of the straw poll. The room erupted into cheers.

Congratulations and Thanks to the C4L for putting on a wonderful event that we will remember forever!!

Cynthia Kennedy

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Never fear, a video camera was filming every speaker.

My guess is that they are exhausted by everything they had to juggle, and that when they return home, they will start releasing videos.

What is the explanation for

What is the explanation for no video of all of the speeches? This is really frustrating.


As long as there is no video of Vince Vaughn/Ron Paul/Rand Paul/and Chuck Baldwin, I refuse to acknowledge the events existence :)

LPAC was great!

I was there for 3 days, but since my 9 year daughter had to go with me, I missed a lot of events. Saw most of the speakers. Jerry Doyle and Bruce Fein were especially impassioned. Anyone who doubts their support of Ron Paul and the liberty movement needs to go hear them live. Also went to both of Mike Rothfeld's politcal training sessions. Powerful stuff there. Will definately be back next year!

American's are so fortunate!

American's are so fortunate. There is no other place in the world where politics can combine with music and celebration under a genuine spirit of integrity and pride. When the world has its chance to feel this kind of freedom spirit prosperity and beauty will shine to unimaginable heights. Nothing can stop the peace train the Ron Paul crew has got rolling! =D


Anybody know if there are any

Anybody know if there are any videos from the event? Did CSPAN cover it like they did CPAC? I mean, if its a new annual convention for liberty activists, I would hope it would get televised. or at least youtubed.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Over at RPF a lady posted

Over at RPF a lady posted several pics plus a pretty good tape of his speech there. I did not want to bring it here as there were a lot of pics (like 5) so head on over there (ronpaulforums.com) and take a look.

I'm so VERY HAPPY!!! :))

Did you know, that Reno is West of Los Angeles as the crow flies?

Imagine that as a map of "Ron Paul country" out west!

After Church, I'm going to go put up mini-posters around town:

"GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul wins CA GOP Straw Poll 14% above the second place winner." VOTE FOR PEACE/FREEDOM

OMG, I just remembered, yesterday some folks were claiming we are "Paulistas", but others were refeering to us as "progressive conservatives". hmmm

Still, I'm so very very happy today!

I hope that was a joke

Reno is NE of Los Angeles as the crow flies. Waaaaay NE. Was this an odd joke?? Anything west of Los Angeles is the Pacific Ocean.

no joke; check the map


Next look into how it can be the same time in Oregon and Florida. ;-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

We enjoyed the convention!

Not sure if we can make it to the barbecue as we had planned to go to Virginia City tomorrow. I suppose I might have talked to you both, but didn't know it.
On Friday morning and afternoon I and my daughter and granddaughter were all wearing bright yellow t-shirts for my other granddaughter who was in surgery that day.
Nevada, you put together a great event---the only criticism I have is that I missed some of the speakers when the schedule was changed.


Ron Paul 2012
Supporter Appreciation BBQ

Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 18

11AM – 2PM

Free hot dogs, music, and games!

Grand Sierra Resort
NW Parking Lot (near the "bungee" ride)
Reno, NV

Ron Paul's campaign wants to give a special thank-you to it's supporters. Grab the kids and come have some fun-- this should be a great way to finish up a wonderful LPAC 2011 event!

The LPAC staff has worked very hard to put everything together, so let's try to get out there and show our support for them too!

In Liberty!

Of course,


Thank-you for the inside report. =)

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!