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Help! Chicago Trib author needs some education - inane article about RP


The author, Clarence Page, has his contact information at the end of the article. It's another one of those pieces condoning the destruction of the principle of insurance and personal responsibility. Then Page actually had the gall to say that Dr. Paul, of all people, "waxes vague" on the explanation to it. Clearly this author has done no research or independent thinking.

The author is completely unaware of how the free market corrects problems.

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These authors make me sick. What have they ever done for someone's health? Dr. RP has treated people for free or at discounted rates if they couldn't afford treatment. These authors sit at home typing self satisfactory pieces that make me want to puke.

My email to Clarenge Page

Dear Mr. Page,

I suppose "Obamacare" wouldn't have taken money from Kent Snyder's estate. If so, it would be the first government health care program that wouldn't. State Medicaid routinely seizes homes and other assets from an estate to pay for government assistance. Social Security even demands the return of the last month's check, even if the recipient dies on the last day of the month.

Calling you disingenuous would be mincing words. You are a liar taking a cheap shot about a personal tragedy involving a public figure, as lying also includes withholding key information to make a point.

I live in Chicago...

And it's probably the most fascist city in the entire nation. Everything here is "resolved" by taxing and banning. This is the city that has been cuddling criminals for decades by preventing law-abiding people from defending themselves. This is the city that's exiling business to the suburbs by "resolving" money problems via taxing these business to the point they leave. This is and will be for years to come the city of Daley and his mindless followers and Clarence is one of them. No matter what you say will change his mind.

That said - I agree with posting comments even in cases like this - not for the sake of changing the author's mind, but for the sake of those who are not fully informed about the issue and read the comments. It may bring them over to the side of common sense.

My direct email to the author

Mr. Page,

I read your article, the title of which is contained in the subject line. I understand that you are a charitable person, but your suggested policies are anything but charitable.

If you honestly think that the only two choices for health care are for the government to bail out those who make bad choices or to let them die, you lack imagination. Have you not studied the supreme dangers of a mono-culture, the principle of insurance, the rule of law, free markets, sound money, liberty, and quite obviously the failure of our federal policies of which you are endorsing? These current policies are unsustainable, immoral, and detract from liberty -- furthermore, they lead to exploding costs and waning quality (instead of reduced costs and better quality, the natural process of the free market -- the computer industry, for example). Should we then force American citizens to put their money where you think it should be directed? This is not freedom. Further, if insurance wasn't so distorted by government meddling and free markets were allowed to determine the price of Major Medical Insurance (what most healthy young people would buy), insurance costs for this hypothetical patient would be cheap!

Let communities take care of their neighbors. This is the moral thing to do. Any time money is amassed by the government, it gets politicized. Any time money gets politicized, it is not distributed intelligently or fairly, and further, it encourages malinvestment.

I sincerely hope you are reading the comments that have been posted to your article, many of which speak to the gaping holes of reason promoted in your article.

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Excellent letter; thanks for your activism


what is harsh

What is harsh is that Kent Snyder was taxed to pay for other people's healthcare, when he needed to save that money to prepare for his own healthcare requirements. Maybe if he would have not lost all that savings to taxes and inflation, he'd have been able to care for himself.

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The worst trap is the monopolized

bureaucratic health system which, with no competition, has jacked-up prices and punishing qualifications that keep out alternative care as well as custom, individualized insurance options.

I have worked two jobs totalling 90 hours a week

to keep the wheels greased in my home at times in my life. Help the needy, not the lazy. We already have medicare and medicaid, and people aren't dying in the streets. What about the 100's of thousands of homeless veterans on the street who fought for this suppossed freedom, only to come home so broken down that they themselves became chained in their own war afflicted minds. If you want healthcare and insurance and have the ability to work, get a damn job, if you are disabled find work based on your ability so you can keep a positive attitude of self sufficiency, and if someone is totally disabled, then yes we get them what they need, which is not 2 packs of cigarettes a day and a case of beer. That is my take on this nonsense they try to spew about Ron Paul.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

the author is a big

the author is a big government far left liberal, if stuff like this keeps appearing, Paul will vault to the front of all the polls. GOP voters can;t stand people like this.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.


"Paul will vault to the front of all the polls. GOP voters can;t stand people like this."

I'm not too sure about that. They'd probably use the "a broken clock is right twice a day" excuse. If it's one thing mainstream Democrats and Republicans agree on, it's keeping the status quo going for as long as possible.

Let's say that Paul gets the GOP nomination, my prediction is that half the neocons will "hold their nose", as they say, to vote for Obama. Because deep down, they love his unjust and illegal wars more than Liberty or so-called conservative values. Another quarter will sit out the election, and the remaining quarter will reluctantly vote for Paul for no other reason than the fact that he's on the red team.

I hope I'm wrong, and I very well may be, but in my experience the only person mainstream Republicans hate more than Obama is Paul, which is telling in itself.

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Just left him this note

Dear Mr Page
How much further are you going to try to milk this stupid story? Why don't you spend some column inches discussing Ron Paul's innovative and exciting policy proposals on Ending the Fed, Ending Income Tax, Bringing the Troops home, and most appealing of all the adoption of a foreign policy of Mutually Assured Respect, instead of quoting that discredited official party organ CNN.

I'll have to pay him....

A little "visit" -thanks for the tip.

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