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Where can I get past campaign contribution data

Hello everyone,

Where will I be able to get past and current contribution data for Ron paul and hopefully other candidates. I am also looking to see how much money was raised in the 2008 campaign and how i.e. whether it was raised through the official campaign or the informal supporter driven money bombs. I wanted to research if in 08 the money bombs were much more successful and why. I need some exact information to reach a conclusion. If indeed 2012 money bombs are less successful then a couple of reasons that I can think of are that there was much more grassroots involvement in 08, people like Adam kokesh, Aimee allen and others helped further the cause and now they do not have the time to dedicate towards these efforts like they did in 08 i.e. lack of grassroots leaders. Another explanation could be that people don't have as much money to contribute as in 08. Or perhaps the frequency of money bombs has increased and that might be negatively impacting the success we saw.But on the other hand frequent money bombs might end up generating more money. Anyway it would really help if I knew where I could get detailed data on -
1) Current campaign contributions of Ron paul & other candidates
2) The number of money bombs and money raised in each
3) I wonder if it is possible to get detailed disclosures of what money is raised and what is the kind of contributor i.e. firm, individual etc
4) All this information for the past election cycles.

Anything else related to data on campaigns, grass-root involvement, other ideas are most welcome.

Thanks in advance for all your help and information.

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Federal Elections Commission

If you could find someone who has kept a hard copy/record to share would be nice, and so, GOOD LUCK BUMP for that.

You might try searching a Ron Paul blog, like Daily Paul.

A long standing active meetup might have that record on hand... NY seems to have a few.

The Federal Elections Commission has a database.

I would LOVE to know how much grassroots spent on their own campaign materials... that was so much LOVE, priceless, really.

As for the last money bomb... twice I heard Ron Paul say, "We're flush", and "Oh, we're doing great." in response to MSM questions. The double message is the problem. Ron Paul perhaps does not understand, or think about the investment of the grassroots? And we all have our gear. Also, there are grassroots, like Daily Paul, I want to support too. I'm sure I am not alone.

As a Californian, I'm beaming with joy that Ron Paul won the straw poll. My central committee sabotaged me (they make their own rules) and Ron Paul WON (and it's also amazing because in Reno, LPAC/C4L & Y4L are having a convention, that's where NorCal is).