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NEXT: Florida Presidential 5 GOP Straw Poll Sept. 22-24. Are YOU gonna be there?

Alright, so we did a great job in California and it's important to keep that momentum going! Now we must look forward to the next straw poll in Florida. Florida's straw poll is a little confusing, but to the best of my knowledge, it works like this: You had to register to participate as a "delegate" back in June, and ya had to be a registered Republican. Anyway, what I'm really wondering is HOW MANY FLORIDIANS SIGNED UP TO BE DELEGATES BACK IN JUNE??..... I'm wondering what our numbers will be like since this straw poll seems to be rather pricey and complicated to participate in. Any of you folks down in Florida who could possibly give us an update on what our numbers are looking like, please do so.

We really need to win this one, hopefully we planned ahead and plenty of delegates signed up back in June. Lastly, whether you registered to be a participant in the straw poll or not, we NEED your boots on the ground at the P5 event! Get your signs ready! Put your T-shirts on... and sticker the heck outta Orlando and the surrounding areas! Let's make our appearance in Florida even BIGGER than the awesome amount in California! Onward and upward, folks! Let's do this thing! RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

Here's the detail on the P5 GOP EVENT:

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How can I help?

How can I help?

Here's my dilemma. I live in Ft. Lauderdale (a few hours from Orlando). I can't leave work today or tomorrow.

I would be willing to drive after work, and come back late at night and even do it again tomorrow if needed but I don't know if there would be much use for me since I couldn't attend anything during the day.

Is there anything I could do without being registered from pres5 and not being able to get there until at least 8pm at the earliest??

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Alright, here we go... Good Luck Florida!!!

The world is watching, make us proud! RON PAUL 2012!!!!

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I look for heavy Manipulation by Fox

I know who will win in Florida but The poll will be manipulated.

Noticed something cool on Google Trends....

These are the top ten "trending" cities for Ron Paul.
1. Austin, TX, USA
2. MIAMI, FL, USA ***********************
3. Phoenix, AZ, USA
4. Minneapolis, MN, USA
5. TAMPA, FL, USA ***********************
6. St Louis, MO, USA
7. Portland, OR, USA
8. Washington, DC, USA
9. Richardson, TX, USA
10. ORLANDO, FL, USA ***********************

With Miami, Tampa, AND Orlando in the top ten, I'm feeling pretty confident about our turnout for this event! Go get em, Florida!
Peace... Ron Paul 2012!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I'll be there...

but not as a delegate, just for the debate. Orange County REC is just about the largest county Republican Exec. Committee there is in the state. Seminole Orange and Osceola Counties underlay and combine to make up most if not all of Orlando where this event is taking place. I think at different times Pinellas may have more members. The Ron Paul contingent in Central Florida is probably the strongest in the country, but whether this is enough to win it or enough to outnumber the rest? It may be if the vote, is as others say, split-between the other candidates. Among the red red republicans, there is a slow turning in opinion toward RP. But the hardened R's that support war seem divided among the rest, mostly Perry, Bachman, Romney. Who knows, he's going to win the debate though. And the straw poll is Saturday, 2 nights after the debate. :) Cross your fingers!


I'll be there and will do my best to talk my neocon friends into voting for Dr. Paul.

I'll first try to talk about how great he is on fiscal issues, then talk about his strong pro-life stance, then how he is strong on national defense. If that all fails, I will say, just vote this way to rock the system. It will help wake up the country. I'm not below begging.

I am in Central Florida with

I am in Central Florida with my wife and daughters vacationing at Disney World. I was able to buy tickets to attend the straw poll (and the Fox/Google debate) as a guest, but obviously cannot vote in the poll since I am not registered to vote in Florida.

Wondering if anyone knows of the campaign will have any organized effort to get Ron Paul signs into the hands of supporters?

I think a good show of support is important, and I am a bit worried about this one. My wife's best friend is a GOP committee officer with one of FL's larger counties, and as already mentioned by others, the delegate spots were hand picked by the party. I am elected within the republican party in my own state, and if FL is anything like where I am from, when the party hand selects those who are voting on anything, they make sure the outcome is no surprise.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Governor scott just said fl straw poll winner WILL be next pres

It was replayed again on fox news this morning.... boy if we could win this one!

I will be there with my wife,

I will be there with my wife, but we won't be able to actually vote in the straw poll. We will however be out front holding RP signs.

I think they may have opened it to delegates when Perry agreed

to be in. At least, I saw that rumor on RPF.

Good luck Florida!

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Wow, this is a lot of great news out of Florida!!!

Hey Florida, Thanks soooooo much for all of your hard work! Keep up the great job and let's win this for Dr. Paul!!!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

Jacksonville Carpool??

Anyone in Jacksonville want to carpool and maybe hotelpool as-well. I could really stand to save some money and not sleep in my car. =-) give me a hollar at MR_E_333@yahoo.com or "Ron Paul or Bust" on facebook.


The grapevine does not look like a win. The GOP field has been reduced to not take away from Perry or Romney. It is figured Ron might come in second or third but not likely he will come in first..I signed up to be a delegate back in June and now I just have to figure out How I am going to stay down there for 4 days. Sleeping in my car is not something I will be enjoying.. but I am willing to do it so I can assure at least my vote for Paul is on the books.

How this works...

To be a voting delegate, you must have registered in may or June. Each county has a specific number of delegates. If more people apply than delegate spots, then a lottery was performed. Many of the delegates are not necessarily RP people, but several were. I will be there. Not sure if we will win this. I know that all the RP people will vote. My hope is that many will not, and of those non RP people left, their vote will be divided. This is similar to CPAC in that you must pay to vote, but most people in CPAC did not vote, while all the RP people did. We shall see...

Mirand Sharma

Um, what's with the "5" thing?

Does that have something to do with a TV station or is the organizer just a weird person who likes to throw in nonsensical numbers to make their title sound weird?

It's the fifth time the RPoF

It's the fifth time the RPoF has held it's "Presidency" conference.

bigmikedude's picture



bigmikedude's picture

I see posts on forums that say

"Damn Paultards are like cockroaches."

And for the first time in my life, after reading all the "I'll be there"'s on this post, I have come to respect the cockroach for its capability to simply overwhelm. ; )

Awesome job patriots.

Turn on the lights!

Nope not Cockroaches, ants..Cockroaches are afraid of the light.

No But

I'll be at New Hampshire :-)

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3500 FL voting Delegates

I actually read about the Presidency 5 right here on Daily Paul a couple weeks before the deadline to register. Luckily I had switched my party to Republican last year to vote in the primary and forgot to switch back to Independent.

Each county has a limited number of delegates allowed, based solely on number of registered Republicans. In Seminole County, less than 60 people showed up the date of the caucus, so we all were automatically chosen and the remaining were going to be selected by the committee from the list who registered.

I contacted "Deb" at RP headquarters to let her know I was chosen, and haven't heard a word since receiving her "thank you". Rick Perry has been emailing and mailing me every other day.

I am a newbie commenter, but I have been visiting this site almost daily for a year now. Thanks for all the news and I especially enjoy the comments!

Thank you!

Appreciate what you do, and thanks for posting.

Small counties are where we are hurting.

We will get mid teens in P5. We are hurting in the small counties.

The only way we can win is if we can effectively influence the other people at the event.

My area is bring a little under 1% of the total vote. And I know of one area that has done better than that. But remember 25% of the vote goes to party insiders. That is a hard handicap to over come.

In Liberty,


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I'll be there. I've heard

I'll be there. I've heard some good things from different counties, but I'll be honest FL is a tough state for us. We're doing our best. I do know quite a few people that are delegates (probably about 40-50). I believe there are about 3000 total delegates. One good thing is the timing of the strawpoll. It is late Saturday. I think this helps us because Ron Paul supporters sure as hell didn't pay $175 to not vote for him. If you look at CPAC there were about 11,000 attendees and I think about 1/3 actually voted. This factor will also help us at P5. If you are going to be in Orlando, we're going to have a debate watching party for those who aren't able to get inside. We don't have a location set.

Presidency 5

Both my wife and I will be there as part of the Brevard County contingency. We had to be registered as Republicans, and had to request to be delegates (with applications and fees of $175.00 each, if selected), which were previous to payment to be approved. Since there were fewer requests than openings, both of us made it. When I was at the meeting I met 3 other delegates who were Ron Paul supporters, but did not talk to but a few people. I recognized one of them from Facebook, and of course this led me to speak with her. That was the only reason I spoke with anyone there, other than two others who were part of a Tea Party Patriot Group my wife and I have already met with. I suspect that State wide there was plenty of room for Ron Paul supporters to sign up and become delegates. Something tells me there were more slots than people to fill them, which would allow a lot of motivated Ron Paul supporters to get in, but I guess you can take that another way as well. In all, there were about 50 people at the meeting that I attended, which was located in a Jewish synagogue in Viera Florida.

All I can say is: We will be there! Ron Paul 2012!!!

Will Party appoint people to empty seats?

I would expect the party insiders to appoint establishment types to empty delegate slots. I'm not familiar with FL bylaws, but don't be surprised. They will play every dirty trick in the book.



Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has...

John Stevens
Jacksonville Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Organizer

2 More Ron Paul Delegates

I am going as a Delegate and will be bringing a Ron Paul delegate with me.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has...

John Stevens
Jacksonville Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Organizer

Hey folks, I've got an idea to help us in ALL 50 states...

Check out my latest post about "OPERATION 50 STATES":

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I'm not going, BUT

I know atleast 3 who are going and voting for Ron Paul and 2 that are voting for Rick Perry - from the North Florida area.

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