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The next 4 months are crucial. Are YOU doing everything you can?

September is winding down and that leaves us with about 4 months until primaries begin. Four months can seem like a very long time, but trust me, it'll fly by quickly and before you know it, the primaries will be here. We MUST be prepared. There is no time to waste. As you all know, we have a A LOT riding on this. So, let's look at the rundown of what's coming up:

o February 6 – Confirmed date of the Iowa caucuses
o February 14 – Expected date of New Hampshire primary
o February 18 – Confirmed date of the Nevada caucuses
o February 28 - Confirmed date of the South Carolina primary
* February 28 - Confirmed date of the Arizona primary, in violation of the Republican National Committee rules
* February 28 - Expected date of the Michigan primary, in violation of the Republican National Committee rules
* March 6–31, 2012: Primaries (and other contests) that provide for proportional allocation of delegates to the candidates, and all nonbinding caucuses;
* April 1, 2012 onward: All other contests.

So, the first four primaries are Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

These will be our first large battlegrounds of the season. These four primaries will sway public opinion and have an impact on the outcome of the future primaries. We MUST make the largest IMPACT possible on these four primaries. So, what if you don't live in one of these four states, what can you do?.... Here's what you can do: Support the moneybombs, so we can make sure to have top notch advertising in all four states! Use the internet to make friends in those states, educate them and encourage them to vote for Ron Paul! Make videos supporting the Ron Paul movements in each of these states, we need to let our fellow Paul supporters know we've got their backs! Go to these states and help campaign, (if you've got the time & money, and you like to travel, these states could use your help). Honestly, there must be thousands of ways YOU can help Dr. Paul win these key primary states, so, PLEASE share your ideas with the rest of us here on the DP. Ideas tend to grow when you share them!
Anyway, let's not wait till the last minute. Procrastination is fine when you're working on term papers for college or high school, but it just won't fly in a political campaign. We have to get focused and energized! Just think about this: Every time you think to yourself, "Well, I was gonna give to the moneybomb, but someone else will probably give enough to where it won't matter if I donated or not" and "Well, I was going to go to the rally, but there will be plenty of people there, so it doesn't really matter if I go" and "Well, I could talk to some of my friends about Dr. Paul, but I'm sure someone else will talk to them, so I probably don't need to", Remember, there might not always be a "someone else". What if we all depended on "someone else"? Where would our campaign be right now?.... YOU must make an effort on your own! It is our campaign's sense of individualism that makes us so strong... and we must build it up to become even STRONGER! So, get out there, let's see if we can wake up FOUR states in FOUR months...grassroots style! Get out there and make it happen! RON PAUL 2012! PEACE is counting on YOU!!!

UPDATE: SOUTH CAROLINA!!! You may have less time than we expected due to Arizona's funny business. It's looking like the SC primary will be moved to a sooner date, but we still don't know WHEN that will be (SC GOP is apparently concerned about missing football season). Watch this video for more information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anxog1m-pPs

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Word from the peanut gallery:

Dick Morris says the GOP has changed the nominating rules......Please watch...


Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

ALL Dates For WA State

Please see this link to view dates

If you want Ron Paul to win you “HAVE TO…”
By Matthew Edward Hayward

The Meat and Potatoes


In Washington State the popular vote accounts for NOTHING, NOTHING, it is merely a poll. We are a caucus state and if you want to support Ron Paul and see him win or even do well you need to know the process.

In Washington this is how you make a difference: Someone who either starts out as a PCO or anyone who attends their precinct caucus March 3rd 2012 and gets elected to go to the County convention moves on, at which point the field is lessened and if elected you go to the State Convention. At the State convention all of the Congressional districts break off and vote for three delegates to go to the National convention to vote or the Presidential nominee of the respected party. Each precinct has between 2-4 slots for delegates to move on to the County convection, make sure you bring a friend, family member or neighbor March 3rd that supports the good doctor. You can also nominate and vote for someone who is not in attendance and get them elected to the County convection, even if they don't want to or are not going to attend you can reserve the spot to keep an opponent from going.

For a better explanation please call me at 360-888-5329 or look forward to caucus training near you. I will be posting events where we can all meet and discus strategy, the campaign and what a caucus is and what we need to do. Time is running out, please get informed and get involved. WE can easily win Washington State if 1 out of 5 Ron Paul supporters show up at their caucuses. Let’s be on the safe side and have 100% of Ron Paul supporters show up!

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Matthew Edward Hayward

A lot of good info..

thanks. Will pass this onto my fellow Washingtonians.

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— G.K. Chesterton

Ideas for Iowa and SC activism???

Flying out to Iowa on Friday (the 23rd) and should be there until the end of October. I am talking to a Farm in South Carolina to work at Nov-Jan (end of).

My focus is to help Ron Paul as much as a I can. I've contacted Mike Heath in Iowa, but if you guys have ANY ideas what I can do while I'm out there to help let me know.

I've been doing meet-ups in Colorado for the last week and a half. Doing that is productive, and I can help spread focused messages (like BECOME A DELEGATE). I'm also trying to link various groups together and open lines of communication and resource sharing.

I'll be on a farm most of my times in SC, but if I have some ideas are specific things to go do, I can easily make day trips out and get some stuff done.

Jack Wagner

Ron Paul crop circle???? jk

Ron Paul crop circle???? jk


Working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness; and this, I should say, is just the condition calculated most effectively to pique the interest of any prophet who is properly gifted with the imagination, insight and intellect

Ron Paul bike

I just took a pair of 2008 Ron Paul yard signs and attached them to my bike ( wheel cutouts eliminate "2008" ) Now I have a mobil Ron Paul sign which can be strategically rode or parked at key high-visibility locations. With over 1,500,000 visitors to my little town each year my humble little Ron Paul bike will have an impact. Please join me in this unique grassroots concept!

WA State Caucuses

WA State Caucuses confirmed for Saturday, March 3, 2012.

*****The Federal Reserve is neither.*****

Ron Paul

Ron Paul

Georgia may move its primary up

Georgia may move its primary up to between Feb. 28th and March 6th: http://blogs.ajc.com/political-insider-jim-galloway/2011/09/...

Prof. William Greene

Perhaps the best thing that you can do ...

Is to join the ronpaul2012.com volunteer site and make phone bank calls. The campaign says this is very important to get out the vote.

Mirand Sharma

there is another reason to do this

ignoring whether or not phone calls are critical to turnout, there is a far, far more important reason to link up with the official campaign:


That was a serious problem in NH in 2007/08 and really served to turn people off. Try to remember that residents in the early primary states are swamped by the campaing literature, phone calls and knocks on doors. After a point, patience runs out. If you are not local to the state, make sure you contact either the local campaign or the local RP groups to avoid covering the same ground. NH may sound small, but there is a lot of rural territory that the casual RP supporter ignores yet those are the people who are least likely to have been visited 30 times.

gedankenexperiment.dk views on finance, politics and science

Missing some dates

Full list of dates here: http://www.2012presidentialelectionnews.com/2012-republican-...

Missouri and New Jersey primary's are the day after the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 7th

Minnesota Caucus is Tuesday, February 7 at 7:00 PM Statewide

Minnesota is also an "open" state, so anyone who intends to support Ron Paul for president is pretty much allowed to take part. We need lots of independents, moderate Democrats and disillusioned anti-Obama leftists to come on board.

YOU must become a State

YOU must become a State Delegate.

Your right!! Are their any

Your right!! Are their any delegates here on the DP? I want to find out more..I'm in California! I emailed RP's campaign site, hopefully they can lead me in the right direction!

How about we spend time focusing on our percieved weaknesses?

We could buy a dozen RP2012 t-shirts and set up tables at grocery stores, gun shops, etc and collect money for wounded soldiers? Not for Ron Paul...but prove to the average person that we care deeply about our troops.

We could rent tables at our gun shows. They are a couple hundred bucks typically I think. We could set up banners, hand out literature, maybe sell some bumper stickers, take donations. The gun crowd is a VERY loyal and powerful voting block.

Maybe do a RP2012 litter pick up. Have Ron Paul 2012 printed generically on a cheap blaze orange tshirt and walk around your busy streets picking up litter.

Wear your tshirts and go around to nursing homes for a day and offer to help.

Our PERCEIVED weaknesses are military, elderly and poor people. WORK THEM. Don't USE them to gain votes but show them that you REALLY DO care.

Use the emotion of volunteerism to make yourself seen and felt.

Take pictures and video and upload them to Facebook.

You're on the ball! I have

You're on the ball! I have been pushing this type of community activity since 2007...Communities for Ron Paul, proving that liberty and personal responsibility work!

-Litter and leaf clean-up at local parks

-Autumn usually has a lot of charity walks/bike-a-thons, etc. get your meetup group together and register your Team Ron Paul 2012 in one of these charity events

-Offer discounted leaf pick-up for disabled, elderly, notably including veterans, on the weekends--put a small ad in your local paper to advertise this so they can call to arrange it. same idea, but with putting up/taking down christmas lights

-Shovel driveways and walkways for elderly

-have an end-of-season giant yard sale/garage sale with your meetup members. give proceeds 50% to RP2012, 50% to a cancer research, united way, your church, or any cause that is important in your locality


Working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness; and this, I should say, is just the condition calculated most effectively to pique the interest of any prophet who is properly gifted with the imagination, insight and intellect

I think I am but...

I'm running into more slackers that are pretending they want to do some than actually doing it.

I called both the main campaign, the revolutionpac and local groups. The only people that were willing to accept my help (highly discounted and free ad materials) was the local group but they are small and I've also thrown out a lot of ideas to them that haven't been jumped on.

Offered really great deals on:
Business cards

(Given away 5000 Postcards and 500 14x24 Political signs)

and have even offered vehicle wraps.. now to be fair, that just got offered so I'm not sure if they'll take advantage of that or not.

Seems like most people just want to be able to say they are part of something.

I've done everything but beg people to take my help.

Edit:As you can tell, I'm a little frustrated with the lack of enthusiasm I'm running into.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Why not put your prices up?

If the deal is as good as you say, lets see what it is.

Do we have to buy 100 to get 5 free, maybe it's buy 1 get 10 free, I don't know, I'm just guessing at the moment because you have not communicated your offer fully in this comment.

I deal in bulk so if people

I deal in bulk so if people need to pool their money, that's what they have to do. I'd prefer they got together and sent one person that I'd have to deal with.

1000 Full Color 11"x17" Posters: $200 plus shipping.
25000 Full Color Two Sided 4x6 Postcards: $610 Plus Shipping
50000 Full Color Two Sided Business Cards: $375 Plus Shipping

Vehicle Wrap for Box Trucks, Vans and select Cars/Trucks $700

You have to provide the files for all of these except the wraps..I'll work with people for that.

This is ONLY for the benefit of Dr.Paul.. any attempt to add in private or business information will be turned down.

Edit: The reason I haven't posted this to date is because I struggle with taking money away from Dr.Paul's campaign. I'm hoping people who can afford the amounts I've posted AND still donate to Dr.Paul's campaign will be interested and will help those who are struggling themselves financially but really want to help. Those that would be willing to hand out this stuff if they had it.

I can see people are dying to buy some of this stuff.

Vehicle wraps start around $2400 with $3000 being the usual price spent on one so me asking for $700 isn't even covering my costs.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I am doing everything that

I am doing everything that matters.. divesting myself of the last of my US based assets.

Thanks FJ

Your post, and the various suggestions inspired me to burn that awesome 10 min RP video (from last week) onto DVD, and send it to all of my American friends (I live here in Canada). I think that clip captures the essence, and is friendly to those who don't know RP yet...

Ok, I took Roddy's idea and came up with this idea...



Spread the world! Ron Paul 2012!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

My Guerilla Campaign for Ron Paul

1. Ordered and continue to distribute campaign materials, stickers, etc.

2. Presidency 5 delegate

3. Working to become local delegate for primary....

4. Blog across partisan articles. I'm a (conservative aka. Ron Paul) community moderator at Huffington Post.

5. Social media network the campaign and research materials that support the cause.

6. I donate when I can.

7. The local elected know who I support. (I see them regularly because of business development/corporate citizenship efforts)

8. I order ALL of the free campaign materials available from Perry and Romney campaign...make them pack it, ship it, then when it arrives....I throw it out. ;-).

Violates the Golden Rule

Ron Paul is always asking, "how would we feel if they did that to us?"

It would be nice to say we wouldn't do that to them, even if they did that to us.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The Art of War

I make no apologies for my strategies, as they make no apologies for theirs. And they are apart. As I receive late-night robo-calls from Huckabee and Perry, I will continue to waste their monies. There is no moral issue in accepting free materials from them. The onus is on them to do the research to target their audience.

Thank you!

You are absolutely right. Thank you.


#8...very funny


@ # 8


I like number 8 the best.