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Gardasil is a complete scam! Not effective when most girls becomes sexually active. Merck CEO controls CDC.

Full story:

It also loses effects before most teen girls are sexually active.

"At this time, Gardasil® is proven to last for at least 5 years, and Cervarix® for at least 8.5 years. Health policy analyses show that there will be no reduction in cervical cancer unless the vaccine lasts at least 15 years."


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DEATHS from Gardasil

I put together seven videos on my blog mostly produced by Family Members detailing the DEATHS around the Gardasil Vaccine. http://jennyhatch.com/2011/09/13/gardasil-if-a-picture-is-wo...

I also wrote an article for Blogging Mothers Magazine that details the many attempts made on my life as a Blogging Mother who began warning families about the Gardasil Vaccine before it even hit the market. I believe I have been protected by God these past few years as those tied to the Pharma Companies have attempted to silence my voice: http://bloggingmothersmagazine.com/2011/08/31/american-style...

Jenny Hatch