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CBS/NY Times Poll: Really bad numbers

The details from republicans and tea party folk are horrible for RP. He's almost the last of the favorites and the most unfavored for republicans. And then for people who call themselves tea party, he's pretty much the least favorite and definitely the most unfavored of any candidate.

I guess the tea party really is just a collection of uneducated republicans. What seemed to be an important movement has become a group of people who overwhelmingly support Rick Perry... Rick perry is just another Bush when it comes down to it. Seems like the tea party has put in a lot of effort not to like RP with those type of percentages.


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Polls can be manipulated. They are merely carrying water for

the predetermined outcome.

It is why they are so insistent he "can't win" because they already know the vote is irrelevant. They will report to us what they want to report - actual results be damned.

So while Dr. Paul might actually win every primary in a landslide, no one will ever know it but those who count, and then edit, the votes. Nor will there be any way to prove it.

But the mere possibility that someone has such access, tells me BS detector that anyone claiming they haven't succumbed to the temptation to rig elections is full of it.

Well you cant just cheer when

Well you cant just cheer when the numbers are good and then dismiss them when they are bad. Either you treat them all equally or you sound like an ideologue.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

No, I get that. I don't really like any polls unless I see full

cross tabs with demographics and methodology.

This one doesn't have either.

As someone else said, as far as we know, this is all landline to the geriatric crowd. If the sample is skewed, then there's no point in even thinking about it.

If polls show Dr. Paul is increasing, and it has demographics, methodology, and cross tabs, then I'd say its a worthy poll to look at, because obviously, it isn't being manipulated to make him look like he has less support.

When a poll comes out that is fishy AND is less than half his other numbers, I get real suspicious real fast.

We CAN do somehting about the TEA PARTY!

I wrote this article last night after some tea party guy was bashing a protest because it (gets nothing done). All we need is an upset in their perception of what a tea party really is! check this out!

A Tea Party is not a secret society of approved politicians it is the PEOPLE!


"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."


It is important for new DP posters to focus on issues that can be controlled and not waste energy on things that can't. This has been an incredibly productive weekend for the campaign handily winning the California Republican straw poll and backing it up with a very successful money bomb that is closing in on $1,000,000.00 ... we are very aware here of the problems with mainstream media polls so if you want to help in anyway it's best to donate money and not worry about what CBS/New York Times thinks ... nobody here does.

Were YOU polled?

This polling data is crap.

Ive combed

through the poll data and nowhere does it state that any cell phones were called or the ages of the respondents. This is a classic land line registered voter survey. I bet there weren't anyone under 50 in this poll. But if that is the case, Paul needs to step up and wooo more elder voters. He needs to go directly to them, at the senior centers.


And Santa is having the Easter Bunny and The Sandman over for a surprise birthday celebration for Jack Frost and the Man in the Moon who were apparently born on the same day.

It's all lies, or the results of a well defined calling list. I can't find a Perry, Romney or Bachmann supporter anywhere. I haven't seen a sign, a bumpersticker, a tee-shirt...nuthin.

The only "supporters" for Perry in CA where apparently college kids wearing free T-Shirts that went with the free hotel rooms they also received. They knew nothing about the man.

This is all crap. Any poll with an Anagram attached to it is bullshit. Look to the online variety.

Can you say "Paradigm Shift"?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Not as bad as it looks at first

Perry and Romneys numbers are much lower than they normally are. So the difference between their numbers and Paul's are pretty much consistent (10 and 15 points). The only thing different in this poll is Gingrich seems to be having a bit of a lift. But anyway, it's just one poll. We have work to do