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Ron Paul Interest Surpasses Heavily Media Promoted Rick Perry This Week - Google Trends

Even though Ron Paul has received less than a third the media coverage of Rick Perry, interest in Ron Paul surpassed Rick Perry on Google Trends this week:



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Just for grins

I added Palin to the list.



Regarding Palin: I believe we are watching in real time the rise of the third party, which will be controlled by the powers that be from its' inception.

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Wait, maybe it's just a temporary spike:

It went up fast, but it's going down fast too:


Interestingly, it appears to coincide with a Huffpo article? do they really have that much influence? Or is it Wyclef Jean?


Google Insights

shows it was people searching for her and Glen Rice. It was an alleged affair not political power.

It looks like a book was released too, or maybe that was source


The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin

Clearly not "good" press? Or will it result in GOP support?

Except that Palin is out

Except that Palin is out trending everyone? Ugggh!

Oh crap. Perry tanking, roll out Palin.

Is Sarah Palin the establishment's secret weapon? Looks like it, and they are beginning to roll her out just now.

They're going to just keep throwing their minions out there trying to scatter votes, and suppress Ron Paul. I noticed since Santorum is going nowhere they've turned him into the attack dog since he has nothing to lose.

What will Palin's role be?

If you look at Google Insights

The Palin bounce came this week because of the claim she had an affair with basketball star Glen Rice in 1987. It is more of an E news story and might make her an official Kardashian but sheds little insight into political polls and numbers.

Kardashian's affair propelled her to stardom

Kardashian's affair propelled her to stardom, but maybe it doesn't work that way in politics...

What will Palin's role

What will Palin's role be?

Water down the votes for the rest of the Republicans except Dr.Paul. :)

I look forward to her running.. she'll take some of the Perry and Romney votes.. Hopefully they all stay till the end.

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This means one very important

This means one very important thing: Americans are sick and tired of the Mitt Perry Show, and they are looking for an alternative candidate!

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Ron Paul leads most cities

This is cool. Looking at the top 10 cities they list, Ron Paul easily leads Perry in all the non-Texas cities...
Minneapolis, Portland San Diego, Seattle, Denver, etc. A

Although Bachmann is doing really strongly in these cities as well. I wonder if her supporters, who are very close to Ron Paul ideas fromthe tea party will come to Ron Paul if ahe leaves the race.

Maybe the people in Texas

are trying to find out just exactly WHO it is they've been electing all these years - and are kicking themselves for it.

I'll give as much respect to my elected officials as they give to the Constitution!

I write a bit about Google Trends and Social Media

What I find most impressive is that when you limit the search to just the United States, Ron Paul is leading in New Hampshire and Iowa. In fact it is his two strongest Subregions. Paul also trends internationally, which none of the other candidates do. What these numbers do prove is that Mitt is at the bottom of the pack and the only one that puts him in the top is the media. Mitt is not attending any straw polls this go around because he can't get real people on the ground and dose not want to face the shame of getting caught stuffing the ballot boxes like he did in 2007 in Tampa, Florida. I think Rick has the GOP behind him so they can pad his numbers. Bachmann is doing a great job of bringing Perry down. The HPV issue has brought lots of Google hits. (BTW Google Insights will give you a better breakdown of the terms people are searching for.) She has no shot at winning but to take the front runner down a bit will move her votes to Paul when she drops out.

Overall it looks good for Ron Paul.The Straw Polls seem to be much more in line with the Google Trends then the poll numbers the media is reporting. I will have to look into other social media indicators to see if it is an across the board popularity trend. I can predict an American Idol winner based on internet popularity. It would be interesting to see if it translates to real voting? Or just prove The American Vote Scam?

what the?

i love seeing mitt with 0 and and being called the front runner

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Mitt Romney has the 2nd most media coverage behind Perry

Yet his interest is only 4th.

Same old same old. Media references another candidate most

But more people are interested in Ron Paul, responding instead to word of mouth and personal testimonials.

Thanks for this valuable update, sempiternal!

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